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Greeting Community!


EloBuddy 7.3

League of Legends has pushed their latest 7.3 update onto their live servers(OCE, LAS, RU, BR, LAN, TR, EUW, NA, EUNE, JP, KR). According to our Core Developer, Riot has made a lot of changes in this patch which causing the update takes much more longer than before. Therefore, it takes time for us and developers to spot out which parts of it need to be fixed.


More In-depth

The main problems are spell data as well as health prediction and orbwalker. Orbwalker is responsible for farming/last-hitting if you do not know about it. There maybe some unexpected errors that we need to find it out also. There is no ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) for the update.


"Guest" Issue

Many of you have observed that you are logging as "Guest". Yes, the loader authentication server is down at this moment. No worries, it will be fixed on or before we push EloBuddy 7.3 update.


Final Words

It is, as it is always reminded that, asking for updates will lead to a 24hrs BuddyBox ban as well as using languages other than English and German.


It is suggested to keep an eye on this thread as it will contain the most-updated information towards this update.

Please keep the spam to minimum as always during this period of time.



NEWS UPDATE 2/8 1830 GMT+1: The update has been delayed, it might be pushed on this Friday.

NEWS UPDATE 2/9 1636 GMT+1: image.png

NEWS UPDATE 2/10 1322 GMT+1: Update has been pushed. FREE USERS REMAIN ENABLED



EloBuddy Staff

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