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Hello there new friend!


So, you decided to use EloBuddy, which is a great choice by the way, but everything looks so complex and you can't figure it out on your own? Well then, here is a guide for you from the download to the first use of EloBuddy. I will categorize this thread as good as possible so you can start from where you think you are stuck. Let's go!



Just locate one of the download buttons on the front page, currently there is one at the top and one below the announcements section. If you still can't find it then feel free to download it from here:

Click to download



As every installer you have used before, just follow every step listed on the installer until it successfully completed. If you are stuck or there is an error while installing please open a new forum thread in the help section with as much details as possible about the error, if possible with a screenshot of the error.


Starting EloBuddy

Simply double click the shortcut on your desktop after the installation or navigate to your install folder and double click "EloBuddy.Loader.exe" to start it.

A new window will pop up to check for the latest updates of EloBuddy and download them right away if it found any.

Once that is done you will see a new window where you can enter your username and password. Please enter your EloBuddy username and password, not your League of Legends auth info!

The window should look like this:


After clicking on LOG IN you will see the main window of EloBuddy for the first time. On the front page you can see the news, mostly about updates of EloBuddy.


Installing your first addon

Below your avatar on the left in the loader you can see two buttons, one that looks like a newspaper and the other one looks like a cube. Hovering them with your mouse will display where each button leads to. Click on the cube icon to switch to the installed addons tab.

On there you will see mostly white for now, because you don't have any addons installed. The three colored buttons are very important to manage your addons:


To install a new addon click on INSTALL ADDON. A new window should pop up where you can choose between installing from a local source or a remote source. Because you don't have any local addons yet, and probably never will, you just click on the empty field in the "Remote Addon" row. In there go GitHub links, where sources of addons are hosted. Every addon you will find here is hosted on GitHub. You can now either manually search through the addons subforum, or for easier finding of addons you can use our addon database, which is hosted on a different site. The link to the database is right next to the download links on the front page. If you can't find that aswell, please click on the link in this text to be redirected to the database.

To manually install an addon you simply need a GitHub repository URL, like mine:


Now all you need to do is copy that link and paste it into the "Remote Addon" text field in the loader and hit Install.

The loader will now search for all available addons on this repository. Once that's done it will display them. You can then choose which one of them you want to install. For the ease of this guide you should install MasterMind from my repository, because I will use that further on for my explainations.

And there you have it, your first addon installed:


To enable this addon simply click on the left check box to tick it. To disable it just untick the checkbox again.


Starting a game with EloBuddy

To start a game with EloBuddy, it needs to detect your League of Legends folder. By default this should be no problem and already found once you started EloBuddy. If it did not find your League folder then you need to start League of Legends first and then open EloBuddy. Just open a custom match with or without bots so that EloBuddy can search for the correct installation.

Now your update bar in your loader should look like this:


If the text is still red for you or shows something complete different please make a new thread in the help section to get your problem fixed.

It does not matter how you start EloBuddy after it found the correct League location, from that time it will know where it is. To ensure that the EloBuddy loader can correctly inject into the game please make sure that you have it open before the game starts. You can just start the LoL loader and EloBuddy at the same time, since our loader is inactive in the background and only looks for the Leage of Legends task to inject into.

Once the champion select screen is done and the game starts you will notice a green text named "EloBuddy" on the loading screen. That way you can tell that EloBuddy injected successfully into your game.


Managing EloBuddy ingame

Now that the loading screen is passed you will find yourself ingame, like normal, but this time your client is enhanced with new features that will assist your future gameplay. There are a few hotkeys you need to know in order to correctly handle EloBuddy:

  • SHIFT: This will open the addon configuration menu
  • F5: Reload all addons you have ticked in your loader
  • F6: Unload all currently injected addons
  • F8: Recompile and reload, you will most likely not need this as it's for developers

Now press shift to see the menu. In there you can make some changes to the current features, but it's advised to not change anything if you don't know what you are doing.


Using the Orbwalker

This last step will give you a brief knowledge of how to use the Orbwalker. The Orbwalker itself has some keybinds aswell, you can find them in the shift menu by navigating to "Orbwalker". I will not name keys now as you will most likely change them to your own liking.

By pressing any of the keys you see for the Orbwalker it will make your champion follow your mouse as if you would right click. Depending on the "mode" you are currently pressing, it will execute things. If you have champion specific addons installed it might even execute a combo for you, but you can read about that in the champion addon thread and in the ingame menu entry for the champion addon. Let's say you press the "Combo" key, this will make your champ ignore minions and only focus on enemy champions and towers/nexus. The other modes are pretty self explanatory, "LaneClear" clears the minions from the lane, "LastHit" will only go for perfect last hits, and so on...



Thank you!

Thank you for reading this guide! There is no TL;DR version of learning how to use EloBuddy, sadly. You can however just try to get everything managed on your own but please, if you have issues, read the guides first before asking for help!




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