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Hello fellow member of EloBuddy!
I will try to help you to solve your problem.

But first please answer a few questions for us, so we would be able to help you more effectively!



1) Read before you create a thread calling for help.

2) EloBuddy Status Problems

3) League Crashes

4) Addons Failing to Install

5) Failed to launch .NET addons in a safe environment.

6) EloBuddy Status meaning

7) Error Code: 126 and 193

8) Other Problems

(Press Ctrl + F, type in your desired problem and hit enter till you find the big red Title)




Before you create a thread calling for help, you need to answer those simple questions:



1. What is your Operating System?

2. Have you installed All requirements (or repaired them?)  --> If no please download & install everything as admin:

(if you have multiple versions of them it might have bugged so please repair it)


Here is a Tool to install all above easily:

3. Do you have an AntiVirus or any other program that might block injection process for ex. Windows Essentials, Bit Defender, Firewall, UAC (please disable all of it) ?
4. Is it your first time using Elobuddy or was it working before?
5. Have you tried to reset Elobuddy settings via deleting the %appdata%/EloBuddy folder? [Will loose all saved settings/addons - Raw EB - Like fresh install]

6. Do you use any tools that injects to the League of Legends for ex. MK JOGO / Lol Replay / CURSE VOICE?

7. Do you play in Bordless Mode / Window Mode? (if no you will most likely crash during loading screen)

8. Do you run EloBuddy in Administrator Mode?




EloBuddy Status Problems



If your status is RED it means either EloBuddy is Outdated (you will be noticed in the loader via version mismatch) or it can't locate your League of Legends Installation


In order to fix "Failed to locate install location" / "Unknown"

Please open your League of Legends client, and simply click the red status in EloBuddy Loader - It will automatically check & update itself as well.

Here is a simple .gif showing how to do this:









League Crashes



Your League of Legends is crashing.


First of all make sure you are playing in Borderless/Window mode and you are not using any Outdated addons.

There is also an issue if something else injects together with EloBuddy like for ex. Curse Voice - Will make your game Crash, so please uninstall Curse Voice.




Addons Failing to Install



Your Addon is giving Failed to Install.


1. You need to have MS Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86MS Build Tools 14.0 installed on your PC (PC restart required)

2. Some addons are simply dead, no longer updated thus you cannot install them without the actual author updating them.

3. Few of them REQUIRES SOMETHING like for ex. some special LIB, or custom COMMON always read WHOLE THREAD!

*If you still fail to install it please check the "LOGS" in elobuddy folder or inside of loader copy it into spoiler tags!

And post a thread, so we can see what is wrong with your pc or with installation of an addon.




Failed to launch .NET addons in a safe environment.



[EloBuddy] EloBuddy (Releases/6.14 - Date: Jul 14 2016 Time: 11:58:26) loading...
[EloBuddy] [!] Failed to inject EloBuddy.dll, error: 0x0000007e
[EloBuddy] [!] Failed to launch .NET addons in a safe environment.

Fixing this is very simple.

You need to:

  1. install Net Framework, or repair it (after doing  this RESTART YOUR PC)
  2. disable AntiVirus / Firewall / Uac
  3. and run EloBuddy as an Administrator




EloBuddy Status meaning



EloBuddy Status.

Depending on the color - EB has different functionality.


Updated = EloBuddy is fully working and updated for the current League of Legends version

Semi-Updated = EloBuddy is working for the current version, however there may be bugs and some features may not be working

Outdated = EloBuddy is not updated for the current League of Legends version and will not work, please wait patiently 




Error Code: 126 and 193



System.Exception: Failed to load: Dependencies\EloBuddy.Unmanaged.dll, error code: 126

System.Exception: Failed to load: Dependencies\EloBuddy.Unmanaged.dll, error code: 193


Very easy fix for those 2.

If none of those 2 works for you.

Please clear your %appdata%/Elobuddy folder navigate into your Elobuddy/Dependencies installation folder (the one you prob have on your desktop ex. C:\Users\<Yuuki>\Desktop\EloBuddy\Dependencies) and put this .dll there EloBuddy.Unmanaged.dll




Other Problems



Problem during installation of EloBuddy

Some of you might have a problem during installation process.

Don't you worry about that, the solution is always easy!


  • First of all, check if you have disabled Antivirus and that you can access http://github.com because everything is downloaded from there.
  • Secondly, make sure you are running the installation process as Administrator of the system so you will have all permissions to download & install it.



No problem!

Just manually download a complete installation of EloBuddy Loader + all the files from our GITHUB!

>> EloBuddy.Loader.Complete.zip <<

Unpack it & enjoy!

(Make sure to install manually, the requirements from top!)



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