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Hello user!

You're reading now a guide for Vayne made by someone who mains Vayne for 3 seasons. I hope you will enjoy and take what you need. This guide is up to my playstyle. So if it doesn't match to yours one you can tell me what would you change here. Maybe I will learn something aswell.


Let's get it started!




1. Runes, Summoner Spells and Masteries for Vayne.

It doesn't matter what you are playing against on ranked you always have to pick Flash and Heal.




So that's my really ordinary runes for every AD Carry. They fit to my playstyle because I am really offensive Vayne player. Almost all of my games end themselves about 23 minutes. That's why I don't play with per level runes. Well... Quintessenses. They are all filled by attack speed runes. It gives an adventage on enemy AD Carry if he/she doesn't have them. More attack speed equals more aa's per second. With EloBuddy's Orbwalker with enabled "Fast Kiting" mode you are able to do perfect kitting. Delay has no impact on it. That's why you can easily win trade with enemy botlane. Flat armor seals give me an adventage in early against enemy AD Carry if he has per level runes or he/she doesn't have armor runes becasue you take less damage than him/her. That helps me in winning lane usually. AD marks are obvious I guess. Took them to get lasthits easier. Flat Magic Resist glyphs were taken by me becasue I play everygame being convinced that I will be ganked by all five enemy players very early. I don't know why just I am aware of something like this. More resistance won't make me worse. 




This masteries page is just sick.

Ferocity tree:

Since new masteries came my masteries page has been changed. Now I've decided to take increasing 5% damage to enemies if you are fighting with them more than 5 seconds. It's really useful in early game and midgame. Since Vayne is not really strong 5% increased damage can only help her. I've taken Warlord then Fervor. Previously I took Fervor but it got really nerfed long time ago so I decided to play with Warlord. I can freely say it's insane mastery. With crits (in this build you have 80% critical chance) it can heal you for 300 hp for 1 aa. Profit? Profit. And it's much more helpful in laning phase.

Cunning tree:

I am still kinda confused about this page. Since savagery is really useless but that increased movement out of combat does not give much also. You have to choose yourself. Typical cookies, increasing damage after enemy has less than 40% hp and yeah the new mastery. It is fucking broken. Go to the bush -> press Q -> Hit enemy ADC/Support -> They lost 1/6 of their hp. It has 9 seconds cooldown so each 9 seconds you can hit them for 1/6 of their hp. How is this fair?


2. Skill maxing





Nothing new since Vayne has been released. Why do we have to pick Q first? It's simply. It's Vayne's autoattack reset and it gives her really nice mobility abilities. We have to maximize our Q first because of increasing damage which will come from Infinity Edge && Statikk shiv. Second spell we want to max is W. It gives us true damage - a lot of damage. 3rd one is E - Vayne's stun and meanwhile we have to max R obviously.


3. Builds

I am literally Gosu's fanboy. I don't need to think twice about builds. Just going to watch his stream. It's based on his builds.


There is only one op exisiting build for Vayne right now.

80% critical chance, 300+ ad, 1,8 + AS, ~ 15% lifesteal (Mastery so in total under 40% health ~ 50% lifesteal),




Typical starting items.




First back: We really want to get infinity and statikk shiv as fast as we are able to. BF gives us damage for crits and Zeal grants us attack speed and critical chance. If you have 1300 gold on first back you must buy BF first then Zeal.




Mid game: If you have all of those 4 items you actually have fullbuild. There is no chance for you to lose 1v1/2v1/3v1 really I can approve it. If you make a stupid mistake you may fail but if your script is fine it is just not really to lose. You have something around 170 damage, 80% critical chance and 1,6 AS.

Late game: You cannot be stopped. Three autoattack = Death for enemy midlaner/adc/support/jungler (if he is not tanky as fuck).




Late game: You cannot be stopped by anyone than exhaust. It's approved you can kill almost everyone by three autoattacks. This build does not have any issues it's just perfect. Have fun gaining ELO! (Yes you do not have to buy Last Whisper to kill everybody).




FOR FIRST TWO: Well this stuff is all situational items you can build which I saw some other Vayne players made. Short describe: Maw - Strong AP enemy like Syndra. Gives you some AD, hexdrinker's passive which is really usefull even after nerfs. (They removed 25% attack speed when your life was low.) Veil - Hmm for me it doesn't do much in game. It blocks only 1 spell for 40 seconds what means - USELESSNESS like Nautilius #Trick2g. Sterak - Really mothafucking good item. Usually I build it to be fucking tanky beast + get some dmg. Dead Man's Plate - Makes you fast and tanky beast, usually I build it when I play against LeBlanc or other mobile champions. Now you can be laughing but yeah next pretty usefull item is Zhonia. I like buying it if anyone of enemy team who can easily burst me gets fed. It gives you time to get your Q back and you don't get any damage from your enemy what is usefull so much. Omen - I build it sometimes becasue of its passive and slow which is usefull if you fight with enemy AD Carry. -15% of Attack Speed for 1 second. Yeah it's 1 second but with good orbwalk someone can give you 2 aas. With this passive it's 2 aas less what gives you adventage in fight. That's all about builds I use.



4.Match ups

(The longest part of this shit) Well that's knowlegde I've gathered since I started to play as AD Carry much.
Ashe: Easy Match up for Vayne. She is immobile AD Carry which you can counter by staying behind creeps which isn't hard to do. Her ult isn't a problem becasue of Evade. You can easily kill her by repositioning yourself with your R+Q usage and then let the script just condemn her to the wall and then just kite her till' her death. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
Caitlyn: Easy Match up. Wondering why? Get a look at her spells: Q skillshot -> Doesn't make any problem she can't deal with Evade. W - Not a problem it can't deal with iCreative's Evade (which doesn't allow you to walk inside it if you don't change any options). E skillshot -> No kind of dealing with Evade. R -> If you have normal support he will just walk behind you. If he is a god he will even flash to cover you. Her range is the only problem but you don't have to mind about it. It's Caitlyn she will annoy you like Teemo does. But no usage of spells makes her useless compared to you. Okay she will give you some AA's but you can easily win 1 vs 1 fight becasue she will use her Q which is casted over 2,5 seconds. 2,5 seconds on 1st level gives you time to give her 2 aas with Q 3. She misses and you are not taking any damage for over 2,5 seconds and she gets 3 hits. Worth? Worth.
Corki: Hard Match up. At least for me. His true damage kinda annoys even when he misses his Q. His E makes damage per second if he is inrange. You should instantly think about pushing him back but not if he didn't use his W. It would be a waste of spell becasue with his W he will just fly under you and deal damage again. When I play against Corki I mostly farm. Becasue I know I cannot do much. Unless my support is a fucking BunnyFuFuu and he is a god. But if you see your support is scared don't force him to be aggresive. That's AD Carry curse. You have to adjust yourself to your support. If you will try to force him by going in when he doesn't know what to do you will just die and keep getting mad your support is bad. I know it becasue I was like this. As I said I am offensive Vayne player. That's why I play only duoQ with good supports who like my playstyle. Most of you have Evade but it will not cover you before his aas and his E it really hurts becasue Vayne isn't tanky in any motherfucking way. Keep farming - Don't fight. That's my way to play against Corki.

Draven: Medium/Easy Match up. Well I added him here becasue he is an AD Carry but in this meta he is kinda useless. I didn't encouter him since at least 8 patches. I am really serious now. Doesn't make any sense fighting in early unless you have support with lockdown which will last more than 2/3 seconds to poke him really much and then he will be removed from fight. Almost always his support will follow him up and when he will be off you must change target to support immiedietly. Unless Draven will try to fight what doesn't seem to be real but if he would try just finish what you have started. If he uses flash just change target. At least I always do this becasue I don't like to waste flash to get a kill. If we won easily fight we are able to do it again. 
Ezreal: Medium Match up. Most of us have Evade. So Ezreal's Q doesn't make any kind of problem. If someone who doesn't use Evade is reading this right now he should know that if he doesn't dodge his Q well it changes the matchup level to High. When I play against Ezreal I try to not staying before creeps anytime and it reduces damage taking chance. All you need to win against Ezreal is literally positioning. Evade solves the problem but if you don't want to use it I really recommend you to look where you stay.
Graves: Easy/Medium Match up. The rule is really similar to playing against Ezreal. His autoattacks are charged so that means you have time to poke him when he reloads his weapon. His autoattacks focus on the closest enemy they encounter so if you stay behind creeps (not in them but behind them) you will not take any damage from his aas. And you want to poke him and poke him and mothafucking once again poke him when you stay behind those creeps. He has less range than you that's why you have adventage in poking which you want to use to win botlane.
Jhin - Hard Matchup. With this motherfucker I have always a lot of problems. His early is/was so fucking op. (I don't know how it looks after nerfs right now) I prefer farming to fighting till 6th level. At least I am always losing when I try to fight before 6th level. Before 6th level you see only farm, farm and farm and after 6th level you are able to fight and if you dodge his W easily and push him into the wall and stun it will be easy fight for you to win. You must know his range. He will most of times try to hit you with 4th aa. You cannot give him this chance (You can turn showing enemy aa range in orbwalker settings on).


Jinx: Easy matchup. She has a little adventage till second level but it is quite easy to avoid and get adventage. All you have to do it is poking her when she is poking minions. (At fist level.) One autoattack and Q + autoattack makes her getting lower and lower. If you do it 2 times she will be poked for half of her HP. At second level you are going all in with such a big adventage. She is immobile so she doesn't make any problem. Flash + E and she is dead likely. After you get IE and PD you can kill her in 5 autoattacks even when enemy jungler lost your bot so she is #useless.


Kalista: The easiest matchup. Kalista is useless since 2 patches ago till now. You can go all in even at 1st level. You have to make pressure on this lane. Push it then go back. Poke her without a fear. You are winning in every part of game early/mid/late. On fullbuild you can oneshot her. 3 autoattacks and say c'ya, drop some disrespect and focus next one.


Kog'Maw: Medium/Hard matchup. If you play against unskilled Kog'Maw it's so easy. Poke him by 3 autoattacks then go back but you must care. Even unskilled one can poke you by 5 autoattacks when he uses his W. Turn on drawings in orbwalker and just care about range you are in.
Lucian: Medium/Hard Match up for Vayne. At first levels if you win or lose trade depends on dodging his Q. If you dodge it he will not deal you 80+ damage (or 70 or less I don't remember) that means you can easily deal him over 100 damage from AA and reset it with Q and deal 22 + your attack damage - his armor % Damage block. But it's almost always over 100/110 damage. You will lose 70 or less hp and he will lose over 100. But if you don't dodge his Q that will be a lost trade for you. Becasue he has really good early base damage on Q. 2nd thing is just not getting poked by his ultimate - Just dodging it. Evade mostly doesn't do this so it means you have to do it by yourself.


Miss Fortune: RIP matchup. All about early and late game. If you can take a good position to dodge her Q all the time/often (when she fires it on the creep/another champion) you will be fine. Yeah and flash out of her ultimate and she is rip. After full build it's like 4 shots to kill her? Something like this ;)


Sivir: Easy matchup. Her main damage is Q + AA + W + AA. She misses Q = half of her damage is fucked up. Evade <3 Then she is fucked, let your Orbwalker do the magic. Uhm you will probably never (if she isn't dumb) push her to the wall so don't try flash + E unless she used it before you've got it in your mind okay? 


Tristana: Hard matchup. Let's start from that observation. She is a dumb bitch. She is the most easy adc to play. All about click "E" then kite, kite, kite, if someone comes W under your fountain from half of botlane and sometimes R to gapclose or interrupt. What you want to do? It's easy pray for your support. And don't even try to fight unless she is really close to wall and near your turret.


Twitch: RIP matchup. If you rape him in early game it should be easy till' the end. How to play against him? Don't forget to buy pink ward.


Vayne: PogChamp<3 Don't be a pussy start the fight and she will be scared. Don't stay close to turret. Buy pink wards. You won!

5. Script


I am tester of every script for Vayne which Aka made. That's why I stick to it. I love ACV (AutoCarryVayne). In my opinion this is the best Vayne on the whole EloBuddy for Vayne. Some of its features were created becasue I requested for it. That 360 degree check is really nice Aka. I love when Shyvana jumps on me and she is ending in the wall all the time.




Well you don't need to change anything else for real. Rest of things is at least for me perfecto.




Let's describe combo section shortly. This script has pretty nice Q into safe position logic. That's why I chose it. Vayne doesn't use her Q into enemies (yes we can select it I set it to 3 becasue as I said before I am offensive player that's why I allow it to be in enemy range) or turrets/other objectives. We obviously want her to reset her autoattacks faster, that's why we don't want to block Q to wall option. It condemns almost everytime when it has possibility to do it. In case we can kill I allow it to use E if killable but sometimes it gets fucked so if it is working leave it alone if it does strange condemns turn it off. Better use R by yourself. 




Condemn settings. Hitchance: To make it working fast and efficient set it to 3. 2 is missing sometimes and 4 is waiting too long. If it misses lots of condemns decrease push distance to 460. Yeah you want it to always use E. For example you play against Twitch (the best adc at the moment) who can kill you pretty easily by 6 autoattacks + E that means if you don't condemn him you will be dead before you will give him 3/4 autoattacks.




Skinhack: Increasing error chance, Auto Level Up: It's useless till 3rd level. Becasue Aka forces Vayne to take E on 2nd level what is useless becasue Vayne doesn't have damage if she doesn't take W at 2nd level. Low life E: It's my own feature which I requested for. If anyone will take you 80% of you life it will automaticly push him away. Interrupting/gapclosing: I think I don't need to describe why it is usefull.


That's all about my settings for script I chose. 


7. Climbing mindsets & Division description


Actually all of ADC players must realize that they are not able to win every single game. And it doesn't have to be your fault that you are losing it is just tough times for marksman players because there are too many assassins that can kill you faster than you can imagine. Each division you will be in have its rules.


Bronze -> It is really beauty place for Vayne because people do not realize that you can do really huge damage in really short time. Also junglers are not much active because they are mostly sitting in their jungle. But you still have to put wards in bushes, buy pinkwards etc.

Silver -> It is exactly the same what is happening in silver but probably champion pool can be different what even in Silver player hands can be deadly effective like Hecarim, Wukong (if you do have really good antigapcloser/interrupter for E they will not be a problem). Just take care of yourself if you see that jungler/midlaner is ganking.

Gold -> Actually gold players may have good laning phase (They may know how to play their champion in early game but in late phase of game they are getting confused what to do). Also junglers are kinda better so you have to keep vision in river-sided bush and treebush.

Platinium -> This whole division is like DV - Boosted as fuck. Sometimes they have quite good awareness/decision making, sometimes they are like bronzies. Keep an eye on minimap really all the time. Once they have really good gameplay but they lack of decision making/awareness. It's mixed. 

Diamond -> Actually you have to choose Vayne wisely if you want to play her. Sometimes it may be bad idea and afk-farming will not help. If you think you are doing really good with Vayne then don't be afraid but don't get tilted after you will get ganked even 6 times in 10 minutes. Like I usually get. Botlane is an arena not lane anymore. They will try to stomp you so play more defensively and wait untill you get Youmuu, Infinity, Phantom. After Q's buffs it is the best build in my opinion.

MasterTier -> Generally they have brain. They are playing good and their awareness is above average so choose wisely when you want to follow yor support and when you do not want to. Supports usually poke enemy and it does not mean he wants to fight so you just have to follow if he really goes in or they are going in. You have to pay attention on your minimap all the time, every 5 seconds at least. If they killed you really early or you were forced to go back and you have above 450 gold or 450 gold just buy "Cull" it will really help you in scalling.

Challenger -> Never reached it so I have no permissions to describe it.


8. Ending

Well thanks for reading it. You spent some of your time on reading this guide. I really hope it will be useful or it will open your mind on some picks you didn't know how to play against. I am open for suggestions for new points for this guide. I will keep updating it for next patches.





Upcoming Changes

If I figure anything out I will update it again.





@SiyahParke for old Thread Design <3

@T2N1 Scar for new Thread Design <3 

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Instruction unclear went to unranked from bronze 

GJ btw

I am kinda confused xD What is not clear let me know and I will try to make it clearer

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I am kinda confused xD What is not clear let me know and I will try to make it clearer

It's a 9gag joke fappa 

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