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I decided to create a quick addon database until the official one releases.


  • Champions Category
  • Utility Category
  • Visual Category
  • Vote System
  • Submit page enabled
  • Search functionality
  • Sort by rating
Coming Soon™:
  • User panel (maybe)
The following addons categories are missing:

Visual & Utility (Will add those addons tomorrow)


You can pm me or post here if you have any suggestions or found any bugs.


Url: http://elobuddydb.com/


Submit Addons: http://elobuddydb.com/submit


-Addons are displayed by rating (by default)
-Fixed some tiny issues
-Fixed some issues with search function
-Search function works with addons
-Added sorting functionality (Sort by rating/name)
-Added forum visits and installs statistics (not visible yet)
-Some minor changes
-Added search functionality
-Submit page enabled (will be changed again soon)
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Donate button is not required ;)


That's unfortunate. :(


Anyways, the website is looking good. Thank you.

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This was so needed! All add-ons together were a mess, but now everything is clean :)

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