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Found 3 results

  1. Marksman Master BETA RELEASE Small info This addon comes in handy for anyone who wants to have all marksmans plugins in just one addon. Currently every ADC is supported. Marksman Master has inbuild activator for summoner spells and items. Several extensions such as baseult will be added in the near future :') Currently this addon is in early beta phase, if you have found any bugs please report them in this thread. Supported champions Ashe Caitlyn Corki Draven Ezreal Graves Jhin Jinx Kalista Kog'Maw Lucian Miss Fortune Quinn Sivir Tristana Twitch Urgot Varus Vayne Github link : Install link : Install Credits : @intr fag @Definitely not Kappa cutie @Sadlysiusfor banner and big shout-out to ruxuz for being best adc eune P.S. Sorry for this thread design
  2. Soon Features Propose new features here Please report any bug here and I'll take care of it I am glad about any feedback. THX<3 Huge Thanks to idictator for these two awesome artworks.
  3. Presenting This is actually nothing special, it's just a collection of my Addons, which are mostly for ADCs. I figured, you probably like it more, if it just comes in one single package. Also I can do some polls here, which is nice. Features Matrix Lucian Corrupted Varus Purifier Vayne Roam Queen Quinn Ashes To Ashes Miss Fortune Kitelyn Corki, the Ace Machine Sivir Damage Automatic Leveler Skin Changer Drawings Ignite support Heal Support Autobuying starting Items Auto Cleanse with Mercurial or QSS Support of Blade of the Ruined King Support of Youmous Ghostblade What it is, and what it is gonna become An AIO for Marksmen Every Champion supported has its own thread (Links above or in my signature), please report bugs there Designed for utilizing your kit in the best possible way - which is unique for every champ You can load the champion you want as Stand-Alone or in this AIO, just as you like. Soon Features Purifier Vayne is in progress More Champions will be anounced/polled here First, they will come as Standalone, then I'll integrate them in the AIO Propose new features here Credits ​iNubbish, EvB for the awesome thread design :) Install