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Found 7 results

  1. Marksman Master BETA RELEASE Small info This addon comes in handy for anyone who wants to have all marksmans plugins in just one addon. Currently every ADC is supported. Marksman Master has inbuild activator for summoner spells and items. Several extensions such as baseult will be added in the near future :') Currently this addon is in early beta phase, if you have found any bugs please report them in this thread. Supported champions Ashe Caitlyn Corki Draven Ezreal Graves Jhin Jinx Kalista Kog'Maw Lucian Miss Fortune Quinn Sivir Tristana Twitch Urgot Varus Vayne Github link : Install link : Install Credits : @intr fag @Definitely not Kappa cutie @Sadlysiusfor banner and big shout-out to ruxuz for being best adc eune P.S. Sorry for this thread design
  2. Combo 3 Combo logic Smooth - Fast - AArange Uee Q extend Use E Side Or mouse Or auto Use Force Target R with Keybind Passive Harass Use Q Use Extend Use W Manage Mana Auto Harass Use Q extend Manage Mana Lane Clear Use Q Use W Use E Passive Manage Mana Jungle Clear Use Q Use W Use E Manage Mana Passive Killsteal use Q Use W Use R Misc W Anti Gap closer Skin Changer Draw Q W E R Dmg indicator Activator Pot heal Botrk QQs && mercurial Youmuu's Ghostblade Gredit @DamnedNooB For extend Q
  3. UBLucian Many Setting of E Super Fast Combo QExtend made by me LaneClear JungClear Spells on Unkillable minion Dash System Cancel Q amination [BETA] Spells Kill Steal Draw Spells Draw Best E Position Draw DashSpot No FPS Drop Credit @coman3 for ColorPicker Note This addon is not include any activator. Need one? Try my new activator here : Please tell me if you find out any bugs.
  4. Design by @rottenentrailz Current version: v1.0.0.4 / Patch 6.x GitHub: Install: if you get an Error installing, check if you have MS Buildtools installed Recommendations: Hold Spacebar Target Selctor Priority: Closest know where your cursor is ToDo: Add toggle for Spell usage improve thread design let me know. Changelog: v1.0.0.0 - Release Version v1.0.0.1 - Re-added Youmuus, lowered ext. Q range v1.0.0.3 - 3 Checks for Spellweaving added, some more tweaks v1.0.0.4 - Reworked Combo (ignores TargetSelector now), added Animation cancel, added Skin changer, cleanup Credits to : @rottenentrailz - Thread Banner @Acheiropoiesis - Hours of testing all my fails @Hellsing - Template @Definitely not Kappa IsKillable @Aka suggested animation cancel Feedback/improvements are welcome, IF it's not on the ToDo- List yet.
  5. GuTentak Lucian Addons unuzun indirme github yerini bulamadım atabilirmisin ?
  6. Matrix Lucian Features Lane- and JungleClear with QE Harass with Q and Q by casting it on Minions Combo: Q, Q on minons to hit champions, W,E,R Lock R Target always in Combo or with Hotkey. Burst Combo Mode or Passive usage mode (ultra OP) KS Options Flee E, E on Gapcloser Automatic Leveler Skin Changer Drawings Heal Support on Incoming Damage that would kill you or any teammate Autobuying starting Items Auto Cleanse with Mercurial or QSS Support of Blade of the Ruined King Support of Youmous Ghostblade Soon Features Propose new features here Please report any bug here and I'll take care of it I am glad about any feedback. THX<3 Install
  7. I made a diddly doo for TopGunner since I enjoy his addons ^ v ^