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Found 296 results

  1. Update Ideas Hi, I have opened this feed to see where we can make elobuddy better or the scripts a bit better If you have any ideas please put them below and maybe i'll release a special beta script. Currently I'm thinking of making a multi scripts for 15 champs..... 1 script for 15 champs
  2. Wladis Katarina idk why but when i try to script with wladis katarina it doesnt load like idk why it just doesnt the p1 katarina works but waladis doesnt and i like wladis better cuz it did work at one point but it stopped:(
  3. Need Help! Hello all! I am a very new anon to this, and I really need some help. Ever since I installed EloBuddy, my League Client has not been working. Simply put, the client begins updating but is stuck on scanning files (Files Scanned: 2, releasemanifest). I try to log in with the new client but I am stuck on Authorizing. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Stuck on Authenticating*
  4. script fiora ? i need script fiora
  5. help

    Yardım ben 7.1 kata script yüklicektim ama instal basıyorum fail diyor onu nasıl yapabilirim
  6. Closing the game Hey, I have one more problem. When I starting the game (custom) lol start to window and then close. Can you help me?
  7. (HELP)- System.Excpection: failed to load: Dependencies\Elobuddy.Unmanaged.dll error Code 126 Soooo.... i recently gave my computer a fresh factory restart and elobuddy worked perfectly fine previously, i never got a single error (windows 10 with firewall on) but now it seems i get an error on elobuddy, so whenever i get in game elobuddy send a message- System.Excpection: failed to load: Dependencies\Elobuddy.Unmanaged.dll error Code 126 and it also gives an error before that that says This program because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem, but the thing is i reinstalled it a lot of times already. But even after the code 126 message i get another message that says, Injection failed! ProcessID: 3196. I really want to use elobuddy so if you could help me that'd be awesome. Oh and btw i have no antiviruses or nothing, (also, i am on W8 Now) i tried installing elobuddy on my 2 other laptops as well... same error....
  8. addons fail Exception during compilation. addons fail Addons failing to install, unsure why but i have checked the logs and are pasted in the text bellow, (i am first time user) [01/16/2017 04:14:42] <Info> Initializing Elobuddy.Loader [] [01/16/2017 04:14:42] <Info> Deserializing settings. [01/16/2017 04:14:43] <Info> Elobuddy.Loader initialized successfully. [01/16/2017 04:14:43] <Info> Running elobuddy system updater. [01/16/2017 04:14:48] <Error> No core update data could be retrieved. [01/16/2017 04:14:54] <Info> Copied EloBuddy.Core.dll to: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\nojNBoeOG8iGOI9\Elobuddy.Core.dll" [01/16/2017 04:14:54] <Info> Copied EloBuddy.Sandbox.dll to: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\nojNBoeOG8iGOI9\LnFGPhaEBcpIs7b.dll" [01/16/2017 04:14:54] <Info> Copied EloBuddy.dll to: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\nojNBoeOG8iGOI9\CRqLVlPMmjoEDpH.dll" [01/16/2017 04:14:54] <Info> Elobuddy system updater has finished updating. [01/16/2017 04:15:04] <Info> Updating Elobuddy addons. [01/16/2017 04:15:04] <Info> Updating addon: "Sir Galio" with url: "" and project name: "Sir Galio.csproj" [01/16/2017 04:15:04] <Info> Updating addon: "MasterMind" with url: "" and project name: "MasterMind.csproj" [01/16/2017 04:15:05] <Info> Finished updating addon: "MasterMind", result: Ready (url: "", project: "MasterMind.csproj", directory "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\158BFFF0") [01/16/2017 04:15:05] <Info> Compiling project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\158BFFF0\MasterMind.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:10] <Info> Finished updating addon: "Sir Galio", result: Ready (url: "", project: "Sir Galio.csproj", directory "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161") [01/16/2017 04:15:15] <Info> Successfully compiled project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\158BFFF0\MasterMind.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:15] <Info> Compiling project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161\Sir Galio\Sir Galio\Sir Galio.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:17] <Info> Successfully compiled project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161\Sir Galio\Sir Galio\Sir Galio.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:17] <Info> Compiling project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161\Sur's Annie™\Sur's Annie™\Sur's Annie™.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:17] <Info> Successfully compiled project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161\Sur's Annie™\Sur's Annie™\Sur's Annie™.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:17] <Info> Compiling project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161\Sur's Series Lux™\Sur's Series Lux™\Sur's Series Lux™.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:17] <Info> Successfully compiled project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161\Sur's Series Lux™\Sur's Series Lux™\Sur's Series Lux™.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:17] <Info> Compiling project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161\Sur's Zyra™\Sur's Zyra™\Sur's Zyra™.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:18] <Info> Successfully compiled project: "C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\Repositories\1064E161\Sur's Zyra™\Sur's Zyra™\Sur's Zyra™.csproj". [01/16/2017 04:15:18] <Info> Finished updating Elobuddy addons. [01/16/2017 04:15:32] <Info> Installing addon: "". [01/16/2017 04:15:32] <Info> Compiling project: "". [01/16/2017 04:15:32] <Error> Exception during compilation. Project: "" Exception: System.Exception: Addon format was not recognized! at #=qKV071pNswNeh4wyLmrdVRMlUsuoY4W9pbk1AqHzlwBMHdzD7E7nPcdA3zbmU9Hwx.#=q$NYpN0kzIQc9mSE5JbT$lg==(ElobuddyAddon #=qDIZCirTgSRF6VbOUeQKVmQ==) at EloBuddy.Loader.Data.ElobuddyAddon.Compile() [01/16/2017 04:15:32] <Error> Failed to install addon: "". Addon state: "CompilingError". The addon either did not update or did not compile! [01/16/2017 04:15:42] <Info> Serializing settings.
  9. Cant solve my 126 Error with forum ;( !!! hello everyone, System.Exception: Failed to load: Dependencies\Elobuddy.Unmanaged.dll, Error code :126 at ... I have this error code each time i try to launch a game. The software didn't work once. I already reinstalled EB, downloaded the DLL independently, updated my direct X, erased the appdata folder Thanks for your support !!!
  10. error

    Elobuddy error PLS HELP When i launch the setup and try to download elobuddy it goes to 99% and this msg pops up: a redirect request will change a non secure to a secure. pls help if you can i retry to download it more then 5 times and always the msg pops up.
  11. Segítsetek pls Nekem nem megy az elobuddy akármit csinálok
  12. Black Screen Help Please Please help, everytime i download ellobuddy after installation and i get to the log in part my whole computer turns black screen and i can't do anything, can't even open up task manager just have a cursor! I have had to restore my comp 4 times now. Before you ask yes i ran it as admin and turned off my webroot.
  13. Elobuddy dont work Hey when i start Elobuddy all addons are on Ready so i tick them and start a lol game then. But in the Loading screen Elobuddy says that the Elobuddy.Unmanaged.dll has an error someone know how i can fix it ?
  14. Help failed to install MasterMind Addon Hi guys, i'm having problem with EloBuddy, when i tried to update addon installer and it says failed to install addon. i'm using garena philippines server.
  15. 我昨天晚上才又捐赠了一个月的伙伴,然后现在登录又提示我是Guest 我昨天晚上才又捐赠了一个月的伙伴,然后现在登录又提示我是Guest。 Guest只能注入2次,我是需要注入10次的。。
  16. HELP PLZZ ERROR! Can someone help me with this error?
  17. Elobuddy problem Well when i open the elobuddy im getting this error
  18. Outdated, help me Hi, i have a little problem. I dont speak perfect English so sorry if say somethink bad. I can't connect with Elobuddy, i dont know why. I try unistall and install, delete appdata/temp, change server (EUNE,OCE,EUW itd.) And i don't have "discconect" i have "outdated" and cant do it, help me. Ty.
  19. help me evade ic i am a buddy but i cant use the evadeIc it keeps saying that i need to f6 and update and then f5 but nothing happents and its updated
  20. working janna

    Working Janna script Champion Name : Janna Champion Features : Auto shield / anti-gap close q and R with toggles Logic Ideas/Explanations : basic support script with auto shielding for allies and auto R with x champs or %life Utility Feature : zhonyas etc.etc. Request Completed by : Waiting for completion.
  21. Ezbot doesnt work Hello, i tried to open Ezbot this morning, but when i opened the data this error came up. "AgileDotNet" "The secured image was created using a trial version of AgileDotNet and can not run on this machine." And now i cant open ezbot. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but that didnt work for me.
  22. Stuck in ARAM Hello guys, First of i wish you the very best for 2017! And a Happy new YEAR!!!!!!!!!! Second, less festive, Whenever I launch Ezbot for ARAM i'm stuck at the base.... Anybody can help?
  23. Help me fricking disable Shift for elo buddy menu I cant fricking use shift and attack cause this box pops on my face or dosent let me DO AUTO ATTACKS i only want 1 script for dodge so it dosent ANNOY ME is there please any way to do something ? edit files or something? i want to change it to another key but not to shift and my champion cant basic attack properly why ? help appriciated sry for yelling i went Zed top and i did 5/12/8 cause the scripts i couldnt fricking farm or do a shiet i have configured them alot too with scripts until 1/12/4 without scripts 5/12/8 is there any way to change this please thanks.But if there isnt any way i will just delete elo buddy
  24. Windowed First time EloBuddy Hey guys, I'm new to elobuddy and i just set it up! Well now if I open my LoL and join a game why is my normally fully screened LOL now suddenly miniscully non play able box? Any chance for help?