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Found 220 results

  1. Hello!! I'm here now with my First and Really nice addon This addon will auto show your mastery emote level when you are killing an enemy! I hope you like it, i don't know how to make an install button so you'll have to remote install it or someone here will help me The Addon! Changelogs: Added OnAce (Ace enemy team) Auto Badge. ToDo: Near dead body Auto Badge. Ask me anything you want me to add and i will.
  2. Sources: EloBuddy Database GitHub Source Credits: Chaos - small things (like LastAutoAttack) that didn't affect my addon much but must credit. PSDmum - for thread design and being awesome!
  3. sup mah boiz Changelog Alright GFX Work By @AIDS & @rottenentrailz If you got any requests let me know ~ T7
  4. Hello developers and other Elobuddy members, I just wanted to share this little VSIX to install an Elobuddy Champion Template. This doesn't mean a champion is configured etc this is a pure template and not a example but it has included preset Menu, Spells and Drawings. There is no combo preset etc. as I said just the basic for a template but I might add more from time to time if wanted. Well that's all from my side happy developing I would say. How to install: 1. Open Rar 2. Close Visual Studio 3. Start Install.vsix 4. Enjoy Elobuddy Champion Template
  5. katarina

    An advanced Katarina addon with great reset logic for those instant pentas Combo many different combos for different scenarios after a kill intelligent ult usage and canceling Smart E to dagger edge to hit enemies and get E resets Credits Definitely not.Kappa for the amazing tutorial Satanix for their katarina addon to use as a baseline for things, namely the laneclear, lasthit, and part of the damage indicators Uzumaki Boruto for help with damage indicator Wladis for dagger object detection Doka for thread design and testing Github: Known bugs Damage indicator showing incorrect damage Changelog [10/12] - Added humanizer [11/13] - Updated for rework! [10/14] - Fixed ult cancelling again [10/14] - Fixed Humanizer [10/24] - Fixed Bug where dagger stick around(for the most part) Things I still need to do (in order of priority) add ignite jungleclear flee(with walljumps) skinchanger
  6. [REQUEST] RIVEN SCRIPTS Can anyone send me a good script for riven with animation cancel + aa working on 7.3 without bugsplat? i used to use HTTF Riven but right now it's broken :/
  7. theme by rottenentrailz
  8. Erro ao instalar addon Falha ao instalar o addon "RyzeAutoplayReworked",Por favor verifique os logs,alguem poderia ajudar com esse erro?
  9. Features Ultimate Settings- R Saver Self/Allies - Will Cast R On X% WhiteList for Allies Combo Settings - Use Q Auto- Out Range will GapClose / In Rage AA Reset Use W Use E - Focus target with E buff Q Mode - To Target / To Mouse Harass Settings - Use Q Use W Use E Lane Clear Settings - Use Q Use W Use E Jungle Clear Settings - Use Q Use W Use E Flee Mode Settings - Use Q Drawings - Draw Q Draw W Draw E Draw R Install THIS ADDON IS NOW MOVED TO KappaAIO
  10. Design by @AIDS Introduction I made this basic quinn addon, which contains some features, this addon doesnt have menu (not configurable yet). Please, when you found any bugs/errors or if you want suggest a features, comment in this thread. Features Combo [Q>E] (After basic attack and to the current target you are attacking) Laneclear [Q>E] (save 59% mana) Jungleclear [Q>E] (save 59% mana) Kill Steal [AA/Q/E] Drawings [Q/E] Flee with R (no cancel issues) Download Github (Support me with Upvote, that all i ask for )
  11. A lot of Bugsplats I had a really annoying problem. My problem was that I always got bugsplats when I went to my base by running or teleporting /B/ and I dont really know wich addon causes it. I hope for i quick answer .I use those addons: MasterMind EvadePlus RecallTracker Blastcone Utility DamageIndicator and a LeeSin script THX IMadwea
  12. Riven Addon and settings for that addon If anyone uses Riven to script with, please let me know which addon you use, what its settings are, and any other insight on that addon that could potentially help me out (bugs with it, utilities I shouldn't use, etc. etc.) Thanks for you time. I know PortAIO Has a ton of Riven addons, I just need to know which ones you all prefer and which settings work well on those specific addons.
  13. Lee Sin Addonu Yardım Bu konudaki anlamadım şey insec Ulti-Flash gibi comboları hangi tuşlarla yapıyoruz onu anlamadım lütfen yardımcı olurmusunuz?
  14. I created this Addon for my personal use (fk them all with highest winrate champ) and why not releasing it... -Info: This Addon get an rework, 60% finish... Fast Combo Clears & Flee R & W Safer/Healer (Me and Team) Autolvlup, Skinchanger, Trap Tracker... (Space to win)
  15. I decided to create a quick addon database until the official one releases. Features: Champions Category Utility Category Visual Category Vote System Submit page enabled Search functionality Sort by rating Coming Soon™:User panel (maybe)The following addons categories are missing:Visual & Utility (Will add those addons tomorrow) You can pm me or post here if you have any suggestions or found any bugs. Url: Submit Addons: Changelog:
  16. Zed Ult time calculatian addon????? Hello guys?! Is there any script that actually calculates enemy zed's ult? I mean, when he marks me with ult, then there comes for example timer, that countsdown until ult explodes?
  17. Addon Yükleyici Hatası yardım lütfen Eb yi yeni kurdum addon yükleyici bölümü geldi bi türlü addon yükleyemiyor hepsi fail diyor ve geçemiyorum orayı mastermind bile kuramadı
  18. khazix

    Khappa'Zix design by @SiyahParke Features Advanced Combo DoubleJump Support Smart KillSteal Mode Harass ManaManager LaneClear / JungleClear Drawings Notes For Items usage i recommend using KappaUtility Install Install For Installing Error Follow This https://www.elobuddy...view=getnewpost Leave feedback for any bugs / suggestions you have.
  19. addon

    Addonların Anlamı Selamün Aleyküm hocam çok özür dileyerek bi post açıyorum biraz cahilliğimden dolayı forumda bulamadım rica etsem addonların hangisi ne işe yarıyor söyleyebilirmsiniz.İyi günler
  20. Best addons for Best champions. I'm new here and wanted to know which are the best champions and their best addons!
  21. Azıcık yardım :) Bunlar ne işe yarar indirdim kullanıyorum ama ne işe yaradıgını bilmek istiyorum biri bilgilendirebilirmi
  22. You have to install Marios Libary First ! Credits: MarioGK (Template) rottenentrailz (Design)
  23. Design by @Revokke CHILEAN4WIN Introduction Yeah, ¿Why not?, here we go with orianna addon, you can suggest features/logics, also if you found any bugs or errors, comment in this thread please Features Fastest Combo. Advanced Laneclear Common Jungleclear. Good R Logic Flee with W Support Ignite Drawings for Q and W/R in Ball Shield against AA Totally Customizable R Block Flash R Note Please, use skillshot range at 120%. Download Github (Please, Upvote )
  24. Riven addonu LUTFEN YARDIM Beyler Düzgün çalışan riven addonu verebilirmisiniz addon databasede httf riven taimat atmıyo combo dışında hiçbi kaçışı yok siz erife dalmadıgınız sürece ult combosuda yapmıyor ve böyle böyle sıkıntılar var dier riven addonu ise kırık-hub