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  1. Hey, i just downloaded hesa bot, but what else do i need for bot to play himself ?? cuz when i was in game he was just standing still :DD. Much appreciate if u would do clean tut, with links.
  2. Is there any way to get back all my addons ?
  3. Hello! today i got weird bug, i was playing with vayne, vs vayne/Lulu. Every time when Lulu polymorphed me, i got permanently polymorph :D. I was little bunny all game,but i could do everything. Could u plz fix that ? xD i couldnt see when my ult was up, but it was funny doe xD killer bunny. xD Sorry for my bad english.
  4. Basically ur skillshots will be more precise than ur aiming.For example u play nidalee, u cant land spears to enemies, but with this addon u will land those spears to enemies. sorry for my bad english
  5. Hello! yesterday i got game crash serveral times. I was playing vs draven, could u plz fix that ?
  6. wow rly good job iCreative! keep it up !
  7. Thank you soo much !
  8. damn son, gj ! im just owning ppl xD