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  1. Hey Baby :heyguys: Notice me senpai  :heyguys:

    1. Aka


      Hai :P

    2. JasperTR


      We are waiting for Aka's Kalista :D

  2. 3 accounts banned in 2 months xD I used Evade only for dangerous spells, Other utilities from portAIO, ElUtilitySuite, Universal Gank, Universal Map Hack... Advantage only for me, Not obvious to others (except for evade only for dangerous spells) ...
  3. For some people it is difficult to pay €10, especially when you live in a country of sh*t like Venezuela
  4. Tampoco me cuentes tu vida CRACK.
  5. Any idea of sometimes the orbwalk stops working? With "Leblan II" And sometimes also with "Jinx Genesis" For example I left V or Space, and I just Stop walking and attack
  6. Some good addon work for kalista? :/
  7. Sometimes the orbwalk with "Leblanc ll" stops working, does not use spells :/ You can check it? Pls!! PD:Thank you for your work
  8. Bump :c Update pls!
  9. Q Morgana not block :/
  10. test on urf