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  1. If the account is verified you cant do much, except messaging Riot Support and ask to change the email but well, low chance. If the account is unverified you can just log in on the website and change everything.
  2. How about a Library which automaticly detects Skillshots and other stuff? so ppl have just to write: Q = new Spell(Q,range,bla,bla,bla) Also for the Menu: if someone writes the Menu and wants to add it, the public static Menu x; will be already implented. (Please make the API source open to everyone so noone has to download a extra Lib to run the actual add, like, we can use the YourLibName.cs in our addon) (with "using static AddonName.YourLibName;")
  3. Closed, EvadeIC and Master the Enemy aren't Updated/Supported anymore.
  4. Instruction unclear, got my PC stuck in a toaster, cant get it out anymore.. i guess it's starting to burn.
  5. Check the FAQ thread, make sure you have all dependencies, like Net Frameworks 4.5, MS Build Tools, DirectX.
  6. MyrzBlitz this is what you are trying to install, it's probably outdated.
  7. Hey man can yo give me a acc that has a good level on it on euw please ?


  8. No, currently not.
  9. Closed and moved.
  10. EvadeIC is gone, you cant use it anymore or download it, you need to use EvadePlus or Moon Walk Evade, both aren't updated but Moon Walk Evade is a updated Version of EvadePlus.
  11. Start your elobuddy as Administrator.
  12. He installed a new "systems" on his pc, basicly a fresh windows
  13. No it isnt.
  14. Since your problem is probably fixed, (no answer since 12 hours +) i will close this topic and move it to Solved.