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  1. i dont like it, even if it should show some humor / fun, it kinda ruins the emote.
  2. said the guy kid who runs to finndev everytime he gets bullied & cant defend himself?
  3. damn you're a pussy. is finn your sugar daddy? handling all the dirty stuff for you? xD you're saying that you recoded the ezbot from tryller, then someone exposes you & you're instantly "im royal on nulled, i dont care" mimimimi get some new pants dude, your current ones are full. again. Edit: is your "Royal" rank something special to you? in my eyes you think it's something special but the truth is, it's not.
  4. You know that Hesa is the original Updater of EzBot (after tryller), DyingFetus just took the code, updated it & never credited Hesa?
  5. learn to use them.
  6. just dont use PortAIO and use the normal scripts which elobuddy addon devs created for you
  7. your post is just BS. once again.
  8. you know that BanSharps users got banned within 2 days for using that update ?
  9. There's your fix.
  10. This is not a fix for the actual problem/ it doesnt help anyone here, the Guest thing can be fixed easily...
  11. i dont know who here says "scripting is safe" but i never did.
  12. ^ this has nothing to do with AutoQueuers in general, blame the Scripting Platfroms.
  13. ^ that was your argument, which is wrong if it's about "paying for AutoQueuers". you know that there are other script providers too? not just EloBuddy. 2Hours are enough for the one or other botter. (for me it's enough, i dont bot that much/ dont make any profit out of botting)