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  1. please

    becouse khaziks have no addon yet and i dont know how to make addon I MADE DESIGN FOR A SCRIPT!

    I know that YOU ARE GOOD CREATOR so i ask you  CAN YOU MAKE THE ADDON ACCORDING TO MY DESIGN? :D  (and would you please write to the addon: designed Matyanson?)

    of course you can alter it a bit!

    here  is my design:

    If it's sick spaced text:



    do jump combo if enemies are more then x units far (400-900), basic-500 (if no do normal combo)

    Jump combo (champions have 1200 minions 1100 and towers 1095 units of vision range)-please do something that the program will know the vision range of min, ch, t...
     R1(if kha is 50 units before enemy vision range)|speed items|(right before he jumps)W|E1|items on E + smite|Q1|(if you killed him)E2|items on E|Q2|E3...

    E1- to enemy with lowest hp(near the cursor) / to enemy nearest the cursor     -it is changeable
    E2- to killeble enemy>to enemy nearest the cursor(or to cursor if no enemy) / closest to spawn / back to previus position  -changeable

    if enemies are killable less than with all spells or items (in E2) you prefer to activate(only):                             (you can active more then 1 item...)
    Q>Smite>Blade of the Ruined King(Bilgewater Cutlass)>Hextech Gunblade>Ravenous Hydra(Tiamat)>W - sort up by dmg(not Q,W)

    jump x units behind enemy:                               (it must be calculated that hydra is allways activated right on top of the champion for biggest dmg, exept when it is <0)
    -200(hydra active radius)         -                        450 (270 basic)

    if you dont kill him after Q1 - do normal combo

    Normal Combo

    R>speed items>AA>dmg items(no Hydra)>Q(aa reset)>W>AA>Hydra>Q2>R2----->

    ------> if is enemy killable (by Q, items, smite) do jump combo


    use Q  (to enemy or unkllable minions)  - yes/no

    use W to enemy                          - yes/no

    use W to minions when hp is <=

    lane/jungle clear

    use Q         - yes/no

    use W         - yes/no

    use E         - yes/no

    use hydra     - yes/no

    use smite     - yes/no


    use Q on unkillable minions  - yes/no


    combo: W (to enemy)|E1|Q|all items(no hydra)|E2(if you kill)|R

    use Q         - yes/no

    use W         - yes/no

    use E         - yes/no

    E- to cursor/ nearest to spawn - changeable

    use R         - yes/no


    use R|W|E1|dmg items|Q|E2 combo

    use Q       - yes/no

    use W       - yes/no

    use E       - yes/no

    E2 - to killable enemy>to enemy nearest the cursor(or to cursor if no enemy) / closest to spawn / back to previus position  -changeable

    use R            - yes/no

    use dmg items    - yes/no


    automatic steal jungle with: (calculate that it will deal dmg at once)

    Q            - yes/no

    smite        - yes/no

    hidra        - yes/no

    Items and smite

    speed items

    use Mercurial Scimitar       - yes/no

    use Righteous Glory          - yes/no

    use Talisman of Ascension    - yes/no

    use Youmuu's Ghostblade      - yes/no

    damage items (items on E)

    use Blade of the Ruined King - yes/no

    use Bilgewater Cutlass       - yes/no

    use Hextech Gunblade         - yes/no

    use Ravenous Hydra           - yes/no

    use Titanic Hydra            - yes/no


    automatic use smite on:

    Baron                   - yes/no

    Dragons                 - yes/no

    blue                    - yes/no
    red                     - yes/no

    others                  - yes/no


    Draw Q range                             - yes/no

    Draw W range                             - yes/no

    Draw E range                             - yes/no

    Draw enemy vision range                  - yes/no

    dont draw if is spell on cooldown        - yes/no

    draw dmg by:                             - yes/no

    Q                                        - yes/no

    W                                        - yes/no

    R                                        - yes/no

    items                                    - yes/no

    please can you add to this script that i am the designer :D TY! ask my if you have some questions, sorry for my horryble english.

    some videos:


  2. i prefer scsuite and cha0s
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  5. 40 eur is the answer.
  6. Having fun. He will come back on next patch.
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