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  1. I decided to create a quick addon database until the official one releases. Features: Champions Category Utility Category Visual Category Vote System Submit page enabled Search functionality Sort by rating Coming Soon™:User panel (maybe)The following addons categories are missing:Visual & Utility (Will add those addons tomorrow) You can pm me or post here if you have any suggestions or found any bugs. Url: http://elobuddydb.com/ Submit Addons: http://elobuddydb.com/submit Changelog:
  2. Major updates/improvements soon
  3. It wont be necessary, fixed it for you.
  4. finndev is not afk. He updates the EB core as usual, read more here Ban# had major banwaves and it still has. 90% of their Korean user base got banned yesterday. So tell me again how are they undetected?
  5. Despite you not really following our rules, we have decided because of the immense time you spend on EloBuddy to promote you to contributor. Congratulations! :)

    1. Berb


      Thanks bud :)

    2. MeLoSenpai


      gz mate :D


  6. We have to port sb to ipb4 so in a few days.
  7. Will get improved
  8. A god among us. You will be missed

  9. EloBuddy will continue to get updated. Some devs left for personal/private reasons.
  10. EloBuddy is not done. It will continue to get updated. Some devs left for personal/private reasons.
  11. \ kappa /
  12. Thats not possible fappa
  13. Developer asked to close the topic
  14. riven

    Developer asked to close the topic
  15. EloBuddy is completely undetected. If you get reported for obvious scripting (dodging 98% of the skillshots, playing obvious champs such as xerath, Kalista etc.. with no humanizer) then its your fault. @finndev is great reserver and makes sure EloBuddy is undected before releasing. Don't spread things u dont know...
  16. fappa
  17. You wont be missed ( Kappa )

  18. Once it gets updated you will know. Stop asking and spamming fappa // Moved to spam...
  19. We take this very seriously and we do not tolerate such behavior on EB, you can always pm a mod and we will be more than happy to assist you. ShoutBox has an archive button: (example: http://i.imgur.com/gwneL0u.png http://i.imgur.com/m05GGUU.png ) so we can check for previous shouts if needed. Proof (such as screenshots) is always helpful.
  20. MKJOGO is detectable and bannable. Be careful.
  21. An update: Do not post support questions here... Only guides/tutorials.
  22. // Moved Also check here: http://elobuddydb.com/addons/Ahri