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  1. Major updates/improvements soon
  2. Hey can you add option to change name of addon in eb loadder ?

  3. I cannot download anything. Can u fix it pls?

    1. boonyakornj


      i click it and it go back to the database

  4. I did not load minister please help me


    1. Helios


      floraiN will help you kappahd

    2. minhchau32
    3. Helios


      Do not thank me kappahdkappa 

  5. i can't inject elobuddy , help me please

  6. esta mensagem procede, é realmente um grupo de WhatsApp do forum?



    se realmente for me adiciona, caso não for e haja um grupo me adicione por favor, caso não exista desconsidere.


    Obrigado pela Atenção Amigo...

    1. uchiha87


      mandei numero no Privado

  7. Hello zeus :)

    You is play the age of mithology ? :D

  8. my elobuddy status cant use and still outdated...how to fix it?

    1. misedap98


      same ....cant use it


  9. It wont be necessary, fixed it for you.
  10. Boa tarde


  11. Does anyone know how to fix these problems? http://imgur.com/Om5fA9H http://imgur.com/TaivHLG

  12. finndev is not afk. He updates the EB core as usual, read more here Ban# had major banwaves and it still has. 90% of their Korean user base got banned yesterday. So tell me again how are they undetected?
  13. Yo, I can't enable PM for some reason so I'm sending it to you here. I'm not doing much scripting related anymore so feel free to change my user status. Thanks :)