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  1. thanks
  2. it is important that it be easy to use the name is not important xD the name of the script we have in datebase
  3. i want to change name of addon in eb loadder :v not name of author
  4. Can someone add option to disable orbwalker ?
  5. Can someone add option to rename addon in loadder ? This will be useful for the aio addons for me and lot of ppl i think sometimes I forget what it is to what a hero
  6. best settings ? did someone who use this addon get banned ?
  7. fuck that scripts -.-
  8. Syndra

    lol ^.o but... why ?
  9. Syndra

    soo combo is sooo bad lot of times misses w and dont use qe at full range and when it use qe it misses try to copy paste MoarPizzaPls addon this was perfect addon and why the fk i need some stupid lib to this addon ;D
  10. Syndra

    what libary ? i update it and still nothing
  11. Syndra

    LOL i cant inject it and syndra dont work
  12. Syndra

    ye i want to do it waiting for game now
  13. Syndra

    syndra/dark syndra idk what script is better
  14. Syndra

    is this the best addon for syndra here ?