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  1. Бунт каждый раз, когда ваша безопасность... БЭ тоже нужно стремиться к этому... Riot increase each time your security... EB also have to strive for it...
  2. developers like only began thinking about security project
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  4. money for unsafe play why pay the money if in the end you get a ban?...for example, I deal with Brutus,checker and free for itself find ACCA LVL 20-30.I do not cry money for new ACC,because it is still banned 100%. And the fact that you buy it is a Scam --- EB Smurf=system that does not care about your safety... attachment to the game superiority in it like a drug and you don't care how much you will pay for a smurf account) and EB enjoys it)) no bans, no money from EB))
  5. how does Korean anti-cheat If you've been keeping up to date with global League topics, you will know that Korea has been suffering (especially) with issues regarding Scripts and Unauthorized 3rd Party Programs. (240,000 accounts have been permabanned for scripting this year) Because you can only create 3 accounts per name (And getting permabanned for scripting bans all your accounts), the scripters eventually got weeded out. However, recently the problem worsened when these scripters started hacking inactive Korean accounts and insecure Korean accounts and scripting on them, leading to massive amount of conflict in the community. (How do you prove scripter didn't just turn on a VPN? How do you know he was hacked?) Recently, a scripting site posted an announcement that with the patch, League developers added an anticheat system to the Korean server Please read to end of the post for Riot's statement regarding this Some of the major points this post argued was The anticheat program is called "Xigncode3" It is written by Wellbia, a Korean company, and Xigncode is used for many Asian games Xigncode has problems of scanning for files in your PC accessed in the past 48 hours, and that the software causes problems as a spyware. This created a lot of debate among the community, as people have argued whether this claim is true or false, and that maybe Riot Korea have taken it a little too far. Then few hours later, a Riot Korea employee (Riot Runeterra) posted a temporary announcement regarding the anticheat program implemented this patch. Hello, This is Riot Runeterra of Riot Korea Communications Department. The League of Legends board has been fueled up with discussions about the anticheat program that has been recently implemented, so I decided to leave a few comments before we make an official announcement. Please mind that I am posting on Inven because the server and webpage is undergoing a maintenance at the moment. To summarize: We are working with the company that developed Xigncode3 to develop a new anticheat solution. However the anticheat solution being implemented onto League of Legends will be specifically catered towards LoL only, and so 'red flags' the community has raised such as performance issues, file scans, spyware will not occur. If there was such an issue, the code would not have passed our Client Development team's testing. We have analyzed your concerns over this issue, and we assure you this new anticheat solution is a newly developed solution that prevents the negative issues surrounding the previous program. If we were to use the previous solution we would have just implemented it last year. To give some light about the Scripting site that started talking about this issue, It is highly likely that they knew Riot implemented a newly made 3rd party solution and not XIGNCODE3. Going out of their way to mention Xigncode3 is their effort to make Riot seem untrustworthy, and relieve their customers. They have continuously been hiding the fact about Riot's implementation of an Anticheat solution. This was followed by a continuous attempt at cracking it. As a final measure of implementation, we are at the live testing stage. Now, let's talk about the results. Every user that has been caught during the test has been banned. The war against cheating will be ongoing. We will now be turning the war to the management side, and we will not turn down. Thank you. An hour ago, the president of Riot Korea posted an official statement about this. Hello this is the president of Riot Korea, SH Lee We have bring new news regarding our policy against cheating. From January to August this year, we have banned over 240,000 accounts for scripting in Korea. However with our current system there is a limit to catching cheating behaviors in game. To bolster this, we have been steadily developing a new anticheat system since January of this year. **Anticheat sytsem "Demacia" will be implemented in the Korean server" The new system 'Demacia' is a cooperative effort by Wellbia and Riot Games to specifically target cheating in Leauge of Legends. Starting the final cranking phase 8.30, 'Demacia' will be fully running starting 9.7. Players caught during the final cranking phase will receive punishment regardless. Anticheat Detection and punishment will come much faster We cannot tell in detail since hack developers might abuse our information, however we expect punishment for hackers to come in a day, or a few days at maximum. In our long term goal, we plan to prevent the use for anticheat programs even before they are used. The solution included int he client will be safe and will not affect gameplay at all 'Demacia' is not an additional install program that is used in other games, but a program directly inserted into the client. There will be no threats such as data leakage or performance issues. We have been testing unofficially on the PBE for the lats few weeks with success. Again, we will be working for the players Since some time, the phrase "Work Riot" or "Riot pls" has been going viral. Whether we have been working or not been working, if we have not satisfied the need of the players, we think that it's equal to not working at all. We apologize, it is late, but we will take the phrase to heart and take on the player's perspective when handling issues. Punishment for toxic behavior, Rank system changes, and other problems will be taken care of, and we will let our players notified as soon as the news comes. And the FAQ for the Demacia system Q. Does this program scan our harddrives? A. Our new program, Demacia, works inside the client to detect cheating programs (A.ka. Helpers/Scripts) and will not undergo HDD scans Q. IF a player were to be detected cheating, will his personal information be collected? A. No personal information will be collected with the implementation of this new solution Q. Is this program only catered towards "Scripts" or towards "Bots" such as AI farmbots? A. We expect it to catch not only Scripts, but also AI Macros, one of the other main objectives of Demacia is to put an end to bots in game. Q. My computer is pretty low spec, will this be a problem? A. Demacia is optimized on the LoL client, and made so that it has a minimum impact when the game is running. We have done sufficient amount of internal testing, and no problem has occurred yet. Q. Will cheaters be banned immediately? A. Demacia detects cheaters immediately, however because we need to carefully inspect and process bans, it might take a little bit of time. We expect less than a day, or a few days maximum. Q. How hard will the punishment be? A. The punishment for cheating will remain same, permaban and permaban for all the accounts tied to your name. Q. Someone might have hacked my account and scripted, what do I do? A. Any external issues, we cannot decide for ourselves, please use the 1:1 Inquiry and we will sort out the issue. Q. Will we be banned for using unofficial apps? A. At this stage unofficial apps will not be banned, however if any unofficial apps that give a boost to gameplay be used, we might add that on the list. Please refrain from using programs or application that might danger the safety of the game environment or the privacy of your account. Q. Does this mean that your old system wasn't working at all? A. The original system was catching out cheaters, and the amount of cheaters have decreased greatly compared to early this year, however we implemented this system in order to make summoners rift a more fairer environment. Q.I heard some of these programs update by themselves without permission A. If there is need for new anticheat solution to be added, 'Demacia' will be updated as well. These updates will occur when you turn on the League client, and will not effect your PC. It seems Riot (Korea) has finally pulled out their sword. I wonder if this will be implemented NA/EU as well.
  6. ban

    why pay the money if in the end you get a ban?...for example, I deal with Brutus,checker and free for itself find ACCA LVL 20-30.I do not cry money for new ACC,because it is still banned 100%. And the fact that you buy it is a Scam --- EB Smurf=system that does not care about your safety... attachment to the game superiority in it like a drug and you don't care how much you will pay for a smurf account) and EB enjoys it)) no bans, no money from EB))
  7. BanSharp is a popular program that facilitates gameplay and automatiseret process flow accounts. In its lawsuit, the us company claims that tens of thousands of monthly players pay money to the creators of Chita with the aim of gaining an advantage over honest gamers. In this part user gets the enhanced subscription service that allows you to put on the flow of the charging accounts to the maximum level with the subsequent sale on the black market. Says Riot Games, the actions of cheaters suffers monthly audience of the game in the amount of 67 million people. LoL the developers tried to resolve the issue in the pretrial order, however, the Players refused to go on contact. As stated in the lawsuit, the rights to cheat the program owns a legal entity from Peru. This could complicate and delay the trial, consider in Riot Games. The situation with scripts for League of Legends escalated in March 2016, when a member of the Korean community posted on inven, the Korean equivalent of social-news site reddit — information about the meeting of the authors of the cheats with the employees of Riot Games Seoul in 2014. According to the user, then the representatives of the company promised not to sue the script developers, but also told the crowd that standing players to climb to the top of the ladder will not prevent even the scripters. According to the materials of the eSports portal
  8. Lawyers say that for $50 a month Program had a script that gave the opportunity to rapidly gain experience points. The company also made a manual on how to use the cheat unbeknownst to the admins. Representatives of Riot noted that the program is hurting the entire gaming community, with 67 million people. Directly from the Players have already suffered tens of thousands of players. Riot tried to solve the matter out of court, but the Players refused to go on contact. As a result, the developers filed a lawsuit on copyright infringement: Riot claims compensation, which will go towards improving security. Riot Games filed a lawsuit against the developers of the Program, a program that automatiseret gameplay League of Legends, reveals the location of enemies and increases the accuracy of the applied strokes during the battle. All this allows cheaters to pump heroes in record time.
  9. Q Cassio, Karthus,Ryze,Cassiopeia, spam tears laying in the fountain
  10. 2 года никто не писал ужс)
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    and Russian))
  12. please give a link to Humanizer!?!
  13. please give a link to Humanizer!?!