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  1. It "injects" itself into another .exe thats a "virus". cuse one program infects another program. Cheat engine used to be virus too (it is in hard mode too but shh [when it attaches]) Some antiviruses will trigger to prevent that action.
  2. radze .exe zawsze skanowac
  3. Sad but true, no E-dramas Please!
  4. Closed, cuse we dont like dramas.
  5. gunshot.wav scares me
  6. Check tools. If there is nothing updated then answer is simple: NO.
  7. 'yuukisuckskappa ' Me.yuukisuckskappa.BalloonTipIcon = System.Windows.Forms.ToolTipIcon.Info Me.yuukisuckskappa.BalloonTipText = "wawixs suck dicks" Me.yuukisuckskappa.BalloonTipTitle = "nazi" Me.yuukisuckskappa.ContextMenuStrip = Me.niggermenu Me.yuukisuckskappa.Icon = CType(resources.GetObject("yuukisuckskappa.Icon"), System.Drawing.Icon) Me.yuukisuckskappa.Text = "EB Free Checker" Me.yuukisuckskappa.Visible = True & </data> <metadata name="yuukisuckskappa.TrayLocation" type="System.Drawing.Point, System.Drawing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"> <value>354, 19</value> </metadata> <data name="yuukisuckskappa.Icon" type="System.Drawing.Icon, System.Drawing" mimetype="application/x-microsoft.net.object.bytearray.base64"> <value> Such quality
  8. About Buddy Buddy rank has the following perks: Nice and unique color name Automatic removal of the "EloBuddy" in-game watermark Access to dedicated forum for Buddy rank only Can edit & delete its own BuddyBox shouts 2 seconds shout cooldown (default: 6 seconds) Ability to enable Streaming mode Note: This product expires after 1 month of purchase and needs to be renewed.
  9. Remember to ipconfig /flushdns - fixes for me google dns seems to fail quite a lot since 2017, use open dns
  10. (legacy) (new client)
  11. da sie tylko nie jestem penwy jak
  12. i killed "lol patcher" from processes and boom. repair ur lol.patcher or add it to exceptions to ur firewall / anty-virus.
  13. było, ale zostało schowane ze wzgląd na streaming mode. jak ładnie poprosisz jakiegos deva to ci napisze te 10 linijek kodu @gero
  14. install all requirements, not only 1 MS .NET Framework 4.5.1 MS Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86 DirectX (June 2010) <-- lack of this one usually causes most issues. (DirectX 11.1 (2013) Newest might work for some people if upper version didn't solve the issue) MS Build Tools 14.0 Always get your PC version x86 or x64!!
  15. when u kill patcher or rads it happens too, if you have antyvirus it might be blocking one of 4 processes of league of legends thus forcefully closing your League.