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  1. It is something about finn, but won't tell you
  2. Yas, make it paid pls thankies
  3. @Acheiropoiesis @zidanimeh @Tony @Yuuki Please close! Answer was provided
  4. Sorry, but nope! It is against the rules!
  5. 5 beri talpa

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      Stiu faza LOL inca ce rad la ea

      A dat din el ca din cisterna :)))))))


  6. Nope, your argument lacks logic, sorry, sir
  7. Soon™? :)))
  8. By all means this is without a doubt the most illogical and the most stupid thing on our forum yet. Thank you so much for your precious contribution on this forum. God bless you, son, and God bless MrOwl, ofc!
  9. new year

    I am dying of laughter!!!!!
  10. new year

    Bad experiences: 1. MrOwl did not receive his Community Moderator rank 2. MrOwl left the first time 3. MrOwl left a second time 4. He did not receive his Com Mod rank Good things: 1. MrOwl returned once but left again
  11. It is to be honest, read the rules, you commited a crime GG
  12. help

    @Yuuki @Acheiropoiesis @Tony @zidanimeh Hello?