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  1. Now let us settle and pray to the MrOwl God there!!
  2. Nay! No ban appeal for shoutbox bans! You spoke in another language. Too bad! @Jitko close pls!
  3. OMG I was waiting for Universal Leveler so much! THX
  4. man did you read the conversation between me and him in chat ? what would you do if you were me ? i asked nicely for help and he called me a retard , how would you react ?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. belca


      ty man , but how do i know who banned me o.O

    3. MrOwl


      Press the active bans button from under the shoutbox!


    4. belca


      ty man , really appreciated <3

  5. stop ban me or i will will will will will wiII

    1. MrOwl


      OK! Sorry :(

  6. I can hire then fire, is it OK?
  7. WOW! Impeccable English! I am glad to see this for the first time on this forum!
  8. Managed to fix this with a hint from @Yuuki. The bugsplats were because of NabbActivator, changed it to Activator# and it was just WOW. Thank you for you time, daddy!
  9. Did that already sir reinstalled everything and even deleted and added the add-on back. The thing is that the EB add-ons work with no issue, this only happens with this AIO Will check more then
  10. Very odd issue. Every time I go in lane to play versus the enemy, the add-on insta bugsplats the game. Happened like 7 times in a game, recently happened though
  11. I also have that very annoying stuttering on most champions, I do not know what happened, but before it worked great. Hope that @Berb will fix it soon though! ^_^
  12. Jitko, mate, that is not linked to his ban on EB! Hello?!
  13. You were banned with a reason LOL! An admin banned you, good luck on like contesting the ban of an admin