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  1. Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it fully?
  2. 1) Do you have winrar; If yes, extract the folder that's in the winrar file or you can just open up in EloBuddy 2)Open up EloBuddy and click "Install Addon" in the green box 3) Click the three little dots to the right 4) Locate the File/Winrar folder 5) Click on the .proj file 6) Done ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *IF YOU DON'T HAVE WinRar* http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm Then follow the above
  3. If you purchased Buddy recently, please relogin into loader by clicking the user icon at the top left of the loader.
  4. Have you looked at the Support forum.
  5. yasuo

    This looks hella nice Sweet work
  6. Hesabot was surprisingly simple after I figured out the server thing. Plus I was surprised by its features and cleaner GUI than some other bots.
  7. Don't open elobuddy when you're playing the game...
  8. You also need a automatic que program
  9. You probably can tbh. Try making it less noticeable with evades, miss a couple shots i'd say like 4 out of 10. Try scripting every other game ect. It's very possible imo if you're smart enough.
  10. Have you tried reading the support forums....
  11. Read the actual forums about botting...
  12. Go here Should fix
  13. Wrong website...
  14. OMG I love you Berb! Merry Christmas to you my good man! Thank you for your work and amazing addons!
  15. Jesus ARAMDetFull is shit with logic, watched 2 games in a row. PortAIO autplay was so much better Plz come back XD [05:28:07]: [Game] : Match result: Defeat - 3/7/12. [06:04:48]: [Game] : Match result: Defeat - 0/8/1. [07:01:398]: [Game] : Match result: Defeat - 0/18/1.