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  1. Can you show us how to config for Legendary Bot? I am used to EzBot and not this XD Would highly appreciate it
  2. What work?
  3. Are you using Windows 7 SP1 or SP2 if it's SP1 I suggest an update as you need SP2 to run EB
  4. Look at the support tab buddy
  5. Thoughts? It's my first shot at making a signature, let me know how it looks
  6. Turn down your graphics, turn off orbwalker, shut off processes in the background. I personally have no FPS drops using EB so idk why you do.
  7. In theory an "Undetectable" hack could be a thing but it would be small and nothing game breaking. It would have to be small with a smaller community. Even then the game devs will find the hack and patch the exploits of straight up ban everyone who uses it. Wouldn't say it's impossible but for someone to make it would be hard. But even though it is detectable doesn't mean that you will be banned instantly. You just have to script smart and put yourself in your opponents shoes and be able to ask yourself if what you're doing looks fishy or looks like scripting if you flash dodge ults or cs perfectly in lane or poke and farm to "well".
  8. Did you look at the support section?
  9. 179 - Thank you for the chance!
  10. Pretty straight forward and has everything one would need on it. Well done man!
  11. I think you may have put this in the wrong forum...
  12. Banner/Cover Photo and Signature Hello all you talented men and women! I have come for some help with either a Cover Photo/Banner for my profile and or a Signature. All I request is that it's league related, 1 champ, and has my name in it Thank you in advance for your time and work and I will obviously shout you out above the or below the signature or in my "About me" if its a banner!