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  1. yea i know basics
  2. New to EB Guys i know how to code in python,but no idea c++(i know how to code arduino),so where do i start,what programm to use,i will finbd other stuff on yt and here.What program do u use
  3. Bro just stay free,make donation button or something but dont sell out,be true Buddy,we need good evade script btw
  4. ty
  5. Staff Hi,how to become staff member?I am willing to put my time on EB,so my question is how to become one?
  6. buddy addons

    dont make freaking buddy only addons,dont ruin this elobuddy please,we dont want new BoL
  7. free

    Holy molly god Kappa,dont become like that guy that made his addon buddy only ahm iC Jk. Its awesome keep it up I love u
  8. i will ss u my settings i use,after game
  9. i used moonwalk b4 it became shit,now i use evade plus
  10. Well no kata addon yet...
  11. Sometimes ryze q random hit.Useing Reryze addon.Also xerath e hit 3/10 with hellsings xerath
  12. bro reinstall it,it wil lsolve your problems,and always run it as administrator
  13. go to settings then enable debug and then ss