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  1. Use object browser in visual studio
  2. Just get paypal
  4. No, riot don't ban by IP
  5. 14 Edit:15
  6. Just crack your own accounts
  7. I'd also like to say that I have only ever received bans for botting 24/7 over a long period of time. I frequently script on smurfs and to this day have never been banned for it.
  9. Ezreal Q range is just a bit shorter than what the script thinks it is
  10. were the champions jayce orianna kassadin and reksai?
  11. This is illegal (except in Korea)
  12. Could you make the bot tell you how many games you have left on leaverbuster?
  13. You could take the code out of an addon that fires the skillshot and make that exceute when a certain key is pressed
  14. you go into settings and choose your skill order and humanizer delay
  15. No you need to be level 6, until then you can play bot games using AutoBuddy which I think is in the same github repo as aramdetful