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  1. Hi ! ty for u all adons, is possible u train for good velkoz addons  ? plz

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    2. MeLoSenpai


      i think have some velkzo addon so need IP now for velkoz? Kappa

    3. petitbleu
    4. MeLoSenpai


      ah so bot afk farm Kappa

  2. also need some good desing here ty for your work
  3. nice but need some detail combo etc check first page
  4. Version update 1.2 Add disable/enable damage indicator Update damage Q and Passive For season 7 Change all combo with AA-E-AA-Q-AA-W-AA-E-AA
  5. [7+]Ezreal The Troll (version 1 21/1/2017) Many feature Combo Use Q Norma with Prediction hitchange slider (prediction Menu) Use Q After Auto attack Use Auto Q on CC target Use W Normal with Prediction Hitchange slider (prediction Menu) Use W After Auto attack Use Auto W on CC target Use E 3 Difference logic and full customizable special ty to @Uzumaki Boruto For help with this Use R if Hit X enemy with slider Use R if enemy X hp with slider Use Force Target R with Keybind Harass Use Q Use W Manage Mana Auto Harass Use Q Use W Manage Mana Lane Clear Use Q Last Hit Use Q last Hit Unkillable Minion under turret and general Manage Mana Jungle Clear Use Q Manage Mana Killsteal Smart use Q only if No range for AA Smart use W only if No range for AA Smart use R only if No range for AA Misc Skin Changer Draw Q W E R Damage indicator How many AA die Sexy Recall tracker chant print Notification Ulty kill Activator Pot heal Botrk QQs && mercurial with humanizer delay slider Youmuu's Ghostblade Auto stack tear
  6. me 2
  7. Version Updated 1.1 Because atm varus strond adc of meta rework and update my old varus addon Update 7.1
  8. nice release where is link github ? welcome
  9. ban

    banned only account with using script dont use any script with your main account and you are a safe:)
  10. designs

    welcome buddy quality job rlly
  11. welcome man
  12. free

    You are back babe???:D gz for new rank
  13. gj nice