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  1. dude they're not links, there your HD location
  2. i did read your post mate, but you must have something else going on that's getting you banned, or we all would be banned as soon as we injected, it's not the EB core, i am botting as i type this with no problems, so stop trying to scare people who know full well they could be banned for using scripts and go work out what is really getting you banned, possibly one of the add-ons you are injecting, or possibly a different injector you have used prior? i'm not a Dev, but i know the EB core is not the problem.
  3. well i have had accts banned, but i also have accts that i bot/script that have been missed by every banwave, so you can't say its EB thats detected, cause i am still using it with no probs, what is detected is not EB, it's the result of using EB, i.e too many clicks per sec, impossible evades, being reported etc, its not EB directly being detected, its the inhuman plays that they find.
  4. I use ARAMbuddy usually, works pretty good, just have to be lvl 6 first, Read thread below, i found it really helpful. But as i said mate, if you script, you will eventually cop a ban, its just a matter of when, whatever you use, it will happen eventually.
  5. no not totally, but rito do check for acct's on same email and ban it too. If i'm wrong, sorry, but it happend to me, better to be safe is all i'm sayin
  6. If you script will get a ban eventually, don't script on your main acct is my advice, use a smurf acct on a diff email address.
  7. I use hellsing's, seems to work ok, ult is a bit of a tricky one to get working right but.
  8. Any chance of a Teemo script? i love trolling with him, cause he makes everyone go on tilt and would appreciate a really good script for him from you as i have had a great time with your other addons.




    1. MeLoSenpai


      kappa   teemo for karmapanda work great i think 

    2. nutter77


      ok m8, cheers :))

    3. MeLoSenpai
  9. [EloBuddy] EloBuddy (Releases/6.17 - Date: Aug 25 2016 Time: 03:40:33) loading...
    Loading EloBuddy
    Loading EloBuddy.SDK
    Loading 3 Addons
    Sandbox: Failed to load addon
    System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'EloBuddy.Player' threw an exception. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
       at EloBuddy.Player..cctor()
       --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
       at EloBuddy.Player.add_OnIssueOrder(Player_ProcessIssueOrder handler)
       at xaxiHumanReworked.Program.Main(String[] args)
       at System.AppDomain._nExecuteAssembly(RuntimeAssembly assembly, String[] args)
       at System.AppDomain.ExecuteAssemblyByName(AssemblyName assemblyName, String[] args)
       at EloBuddy.Sandbox.SandboxDomain.LoadAddon(String path, String[] args)
    [EloBuddy] GameMessage: <font color="#40c1ff">EloBuddy (Releases/6.17) - built</font> <font color="#39FF14">Aug 25 2016</font> loaded
    [EloBuddy] GameMessage: <font color"#ffffff">visit for addons</font>
    [16:28:35 - Info] -----------------------------------
    [16:28:35 - Info] Spectating game, have fun watching!
    [16:28:35 - Info] -----------------------------------
    [16:28:35 - Info] Loaded a total of 3 fonts:
    [16:28:35 - Info]  -> Gill Sans MT Light
    [16:28:35 - Info]  -> Gill Sans MT Pro Book
    [16:28:35 - Info]  -> Gill Sans MT Pro Medium
    [16:28:36 - Info] SpellDatabase loaded.

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    2. Port AIO

      Port AIO

      Go here and download DirectX then restart your pc. If you want to make sure everything is working fine you can download everything except Ms build tools. 



    3. nutter77


      cheers m8, appreciate it, as good as i am at using programs, i have no idea how they work.

    4. Port AIO

      Port AIO

      Its all good m8 no problem. If you have issues after that just let me know.

  10. same problem here m8, ive uninstalled and reinstalled, only works if i turn them all off and just use orbwalker doesn't matter which addon i use, i've tried over 15 diff ones, 1 at a time, still freezes