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  1. Если платформа детектится и произведен инжект, то бан будет. Вне зависимости от используемых скриптов.
  2. Hello! install this MS Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86 Feel free to check this thread Regards
  3. link please. Want to see
  4. It was always a great idea. But unfortunately it has not been made Keep working on it man
  5. Hello! Clear your %appdata%/EloBuddy folder. If wont work reinstall this : DirectX (June 2010) <-- lack of this one usually causes most issues. (DirectX 11.1 (2013) Newest might work for some people if upper version didn't solve the issue) It will help. Regards!
  6. Согласен. Это как-то совсем подло.
  7. Hello! Look this section and this guide Regards!
  8. Hello! I see in the logs that you have no MS Build Tools 14.0 reinstall & repair requirements from this thread If the problem persists let me know and I'll glad to help you Regards!
  9. Hello buddy! I find this guide very usefull Try to learn on it. Also there is botting section If there are any questions- don't be shy. Regards!
  10. error

    Hello! Make sure nothing is blocking EB process( Windows Essentials, Bit Defender, Firewall, UAC etc) Also reinstall this MS Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86 Regards!
  11. Hello!ês/ - Portuguese section. Regards!
  12. Glad to help you
  13. Hello! Don't wait something smart or so from bots man. The logic is not perfect. But in general, It's enough for leveling. "I'm only using it for one acc and the bot had to wait a several times for 15min+ to play another ARAM." - I think this question can be answered by developer of plugin. Regards
  14. Hello! 1. Will my other accounts (the one I don't script in) be banned too? - No. 2. How do I close elobuddy if I wanna stop scripting on my smurf?: Regards!