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  1. portaio detected
  2. i dont like elobuddy because the admin is drunk
  3. DOesnt matter elobuddy is detected and finn doesnt care. Using elobuddy will get you banned within a few days
  4. hi Error Code: 126 and 193 System.Exception: Failed to load: Dependencies\EloBuddy.Unmanaged.dll, error code: 126 System.Exception: Failed to load: Dependencies\EloBuddy.Unmanaged.dll, error code: 193 Very easy fix for those 2. For 126 you simply need to make sure nothing blocks your process of connection, meaning you need to disable firewall, run as administrator. For 193 you need to install / repair this: MS Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86 If none of those 2 works for you. Please clear your %appdata%/Elobuddy folder navigate into your Elobuddy/Dependencies installation folder (the one you prob have on your desktop ex. C:\Users\<Yuuki>\Desktop\EloBuddy\Dependencies) and put this .dll there EloBuddy.Unmanaged.dll thx yuuki for c & p
  5. color is the difference.
  6. @Chaos Seems to cause crashes
  7. This is nothing that elobuddy can do, but if your using Hesabot as a autoqueuer it will do this for you + many other things.
  8. fk!

    scrub, pleb, rekt bich 123
  9. troll lvl over 9000 --> op gj!
  10. turn off drawings, use OnTick instead of Onupdate. Make sure y dont have too many/or coded addons