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  1. UndetectedAndSafe
  2. "undetected and safe"
  3. Omg so gut enemy team auto surrender wtf????!??!!!? Here taek my upvote
  4. Don't worry guys, fedora.dll ftw
  5. Yep I remember you, oh wait... no I don't
  6. algum br
  7. I never rep boosted
  8. Tony confirmed that he will give reputation back once he gets his back (he is at -9980 atm)
  9. yup I have this drunk admin problem too. Gib reputation back
  10. algum br
  11. I've been using this for a time and I must say that it has really boosted my elo. I went from silver 2 --> diamond 1 in 3 games
  12. didnt even read it anyways good guide