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  1. dude you can buy subscription for 1 week, 1 month or 3 months. if he wants it for 1 month then just buy it for 1 month.
  2. why would he buy it in the firstplace E: try contacting @Tony
  3. its a type of food GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time
  4. why would you cancel your subscription
  5. the problem is that its shit
  6. she usually get shit on by most of the dmg dealing toplaners like riven, fiora and panth
  7. not easy to play legit like that
  8. try useing another script, there is some fps eating scripts there.
  9. what is this, can you give a better explanation
  10. could you make it so like you use an ability (like nunu Q or kha'zix Q) with your smite to secure the objectives when they have a higher amount of healt than your smite. E: otherwise seems good
  11. 333
  12. 50 %
  13. that will take you to challanger
  14. nice rep
  15. if you dont like this comunity just leave, accounts are getting banned on "BanSharp" too they had a small banwave for like patch 7.3 E: just keep in mind that you are compareing a free platform vs a paid one.
  16. HQ leak ty
  17. upvoted for the effort
  18. i play for fun, crack accounts get them banned in 4 days and so on
  19. does anyone have a lolchecker that works for 6.10?
  20. the bans can be delayed, unless it was a fresh account there is no other way to tell if you got banned after the 7.4 update
  21. relogg in in the loader
  22. i preffer more this type of music :/
  23. wtf are you talking about