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  1. relogg in in the loader
  2. i preffer more this type of music :/
  3. wtf are you talking about
  4. my account got banned before i even created it
  5. you are just waiting for your rank up, we know
  6. D2 but sure ok, still doesnt sound like a challanger, probebly D3 or D2 maybe D1
  7. tbh doesnt sound like you are challanger :/
  8. send the original link
  9. Kata without scripts
  10. pm finndev
  11. free

    10/10 would smash
  12. i belive ARURF will be offical when patch 7.4 is out, witch is on wensday
  13. have been using this for like 2 months still not vacbanned
  14. emote when you kill an enemy or dance
  15. 112
  16. all of my accounts are still live
  17. i would say this, i know some ppl that buy accounts from there. pretty safe
  18. pick a number from 1-30 but there is +60 comments
  19. i didnt even read what he said, saw that he had -4 rep so i added one more
  20. you can do the same with shaco, Q then B but you have to have baron and your Q must be max level for the recal to go thro fully
  21. what addons are you using?
  22. not orianna, if you do disable her AA, its like playing without an abillity. her passive is strong.
  23. just ask for a name change