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  1. Brian sharp combo workes Edit: all of them are working besides the survivor series
  2. but the one i posted, all of the once ive tried workes as intended in the description. you are still doing a goodjob. Edit: i checked thro the list you made and the one that is already existing. they are the exact same. :/ i assume you are going to keep your list updated, shouldnt it be easier if you had acces to the spreadsheets instead. and just change everything there.
  3. there literally already is one xd well good work anyways
  4. i know a way to get the email of n account 100% but im not giving it away for free
  5. i asked a simple question "is there options for the Q recall" someone posted the download link on BB. i edited my post to help others. is that hard to understand. I mean my question wasnt even that hard to answer. Yes or No. guess you cant read.
  6. there wasnt a download link, how am i suppose to know that you have tried it out
  7. havent tried it out, most of the twitch addons have it binded B
  8. its uselly "B" want me to go all the way to base
  9. i asked if there was an option, dont really like it
  10. is there a Q recall option? Edit: download link
  11. you should do what @PSDmum said, they are uselly active on discord. Edit: i relogged, the auth is working for me. :/
  12. click log in useing the mouse, instead of pressing enter.
  13. Hi

    so much hate. make love, send eathother nudes, be happy
  14. why are you so aggresive, he just asked a question.