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  1. my account got banned before i even created it
  2. you are just waiting for your rank up, we know
  3. D2 but sure ok, still doesnt sound like a challanger, probebly D3 or D2 maybe D1
  4. tbh doesnt sound like you are challanger :/
  5. send the original link
  6. Kata without scripts
  7. pm finndev
  8. free

    10/10 would smash
  9. i belive ARURF will be offical when patch 7.4 is out, witch is on wensday
  10. have been using this for like 2 months still not vacbanned
  11. emote when you kill an enemy or dance
  12. 112
  13. all of my accounts are still live
  14. i would say this, i know some ppl that buy accounts from there. pretty safe
  15. pick a number from 1-30 but there is +60 comments