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  1. you're obv using PortAIO wrong. are you playing in full screen?
  2. Received it! Thanks for the donation, appreciate it
  3. o.k. update portaio and it should work.
  4. As I have said, this is not a PortAIO issue. Just kidding I'm a fucking idiot, forgot to sync. Give it some time.
  5. That isn't a question :| I literally posted the solution a page ago.
  6. Yes. They are all updated for the new rework.
  7. I'll get on it We already have it but it's not at its 100% potential b/c porting issues. This is where I come in and fix them This is a common issue that I, unfortunately, have no control over. Firstly, download the latest PortAIO version here : And install PortAIO.ebaddon (within that .zip file) using EB's loader.
  8. Not obvious at all, bad context. When you told me to update Zed I thought you were able to play which is why I assumed you were on Garena, obviously. I'm glad I can match BanSharp's performance. I was planning to fix up SDK once EB was updated.
  9. EB isn't updated for my region.
  10. I received it. I sent you a PM to express my gratitude and I'm going to do it again. Thanks for the donation, I appreciate and am thankful for it
  11. It's on the main thread.
  12. It will, it will stay free also.
  13. i'm pretty sure no one cares. be mature, leave my thread pls.