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  1. I promised to keep this AIO free. Besides, there's no valid reason to make this paid since majority of the work within the AIO is someone else's work. Where I just fix, update, and maintain someone else's work.
  2. This project isn't abandoned. I'm assuming you're not aware of the education system in America (or wherever the fuck this schedule is relevant) but around this time of the year it is known as finals week and on top of that I have an SAT to get ready for next Saturday. Though, I am sorry for not keeping the users updated about my current status, but assuming that project is dead isn't 100% right either. Also, even if I did abandon PortAIO why must I be forced to give a reason? This is a FREE AIO, I can stop this project whenever I feel like it.


    Help me I can not use your script

    Help me I can not use your script

  6. Hey everytime I load portaio it crashes how do I fix


  7. There's a core function that's broken right now for SpellCasts which is why some ports aren't using spells. I'm back and there will be an update for the new reworked champions.
  8. can you vayne hunter fix ? Just doing AA 

  9. Can you please check why lucian assemblies aren't casting spells or sometimes even auto attacking in PortAIO?



  10. i've mentioned this before and said that i will update the scripts myself. but not recently, since I became busy.
  11. how do i download?

  12. Enable console debugging and show me the error.