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  1. Can't be, I use it personally.
  2. I'm not going to add something I know will cause crashes.
  3. Try changing the hitchance. Low & Medium only hits at their path, while high/very high try to calculate their path after move speed etc.
  4. I had too. Look at the main post if you want it again.
  5. OKTW Utility drops more FPS AND it causes crashes
  6. Sure. Read the thread. Nope, you don't have to do anything to enable PortAIO's Predictions or Evade. But if you want to use a specific prediction, just enable a predictioner (a tool that overrides any prediction a script uses) in the PortAIO Misc > Dual-Utilities menu. I used OKTW Xerath in that gif but as long as you use OKTW Pred any Xerath should do that. Which Lucian? Nice! I'm glad it improved. Some yes, but some others no. I haven't checked today but I believe the mana cost accessor is still broken. Yeah, I can. Check the settings. Read the thread again.
  7. Made some prediction updates recently, it's pretty good right now (atleast on Xerath). (OKTW Prediction)
  8. I thought you meant update the script because it's broken. In that case, I'll update it.
  9. It's working perfectly fine; played TF jg with it recently. some changes.
  11. I'm always capped at 144 and it never happened to me.
  12. Get a better computer
  13. I'm not sure how many times I've said this but, EB HAS ZOOMHACK DISABLED.
  14. I can, but the skinchangers of EB are probably going to be better. Try Hellsing's
  15. What champion port are you using?