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  1. i'm not sure though. hesa "striked" the original post so i guess that's what would have happened to yours too
  2. i don't think it's allowed to share that
  3. sometimes i get stuck in the base, no matter what champion. fixes itself after a couple seconds/minutes though
  4. login always fails for me -fixed it, version had to be changed -
  5. You have to click This icon, and then relog
  6. nvm got it fixed
  7. Elobuddy Watermark still shown Hello, even though I purchased Buddy and disabled the Watermark in the options, it's still shown ingame ! Any fix for that?
  8. Game crashes after ~ 10 minutes Hey Guys, my game randomly crashes after ~ 10 Minutes, even after reconnecting, 5-15 minutes into the game again, game crashes. Does anyone else have the problem ? (Doesn't happen without EB) Does anyone know how to fix that problem?
  9. same for me
  10. doesn't fix it for me
  11. well i got banned from their homepage
  12. reinstalling eb should do it