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  1. autobuddy

    AramBuddy kullanacan ona aga burda olmuyor
  2. autobuddy

    I am Turkish too bro, but well, if you want it, you can do it, I have a ton of stuff to do, not just this project. I hopefully will improve Ashe and/or make an option to choose aggressivity level and/or make internal champion logic toggleable. (and/or both :P)
  3. autobuddy

    I don't use any, just ashe forever xD
  4. autobuddy

    I don't think so, but there's AramBuddy out there for that.
  5. autobuddy

    Compiling? You just need to link the github into EloBuddy, it will compile it every time I update this. This can help you: By the way, free users will be enabled in 2 days, so we gotta wait
  6. autobuddy

    I will never get it's credits man, and I don't think a person that gave up on something won't be mad at it being alive again. Thank you BTW.
  7. Well, seems like @AYasuoPlayer won't continue on the AutoBuddy, I wanted to continue on it. His thread (Progress halted as you can see): GITHUB LINK AutoQueuer: Ezbot, Volibot, in general, all clientless bots broke with the client's RTMP update. I haven't been here for a long time, so idk what to recommend to you. If you know a good working tool, tell me and I'll put a link to it here. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BOTTING: If you don't have Buddy, you can't bot with more than 2 accounts. TODO List: Make recall HP/MP% customizable. Add a setting to make sure camera is always locked or not. Add a setting to use AutoBuddy's champion logic or not, so people can use other addons for their champions. Add support for other maps and gamemodes Add passive and aggressive modes Found some bug? Want some feature added? Comment down below and hope it is seen by me Changes: 1/12/17 Fixed melee champs' position in the laneclear state. (Hopefully) Garen won't be stuck in base anymore Item data updated (actually nothing changed in the new patch xD) Champion Scripts: Ashe ult distance limited to 2500. Garen will now cast Q while escaping only while slowed. Older: Credits:
  8. Ben freede olan tüm şampiyonların en çok oy alan addonlarını yükleyip otomatiğe alıyorum gayet güzel oynuyor.
  9. free

    @Definitely not Kappa can we customize start/end game messages? BTW, good job, keep it on!
  10. One acc which i bought RP got banned, but other one (i did buy RP in that too) did not. EDIT: Both are banned, just saw it.
  11. @tradana aga şunu doğru yere taşısana be sana zahmet
  12. Kardeş burası yeri değil türk arıyosan buraya yazacaksın: https://www.elobuddy.net/forum/74-duoq-tak%C4%B1m/
  13. Auto ping and chat still works though i disabled it, wtf man?
  14. This must not happen anymore, it got fixed. I don't know what your problem is.