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  1. we miss you sir


  2. Hellsing please take my ban my card gave problem and made the payment out of 10 euros 1 month of service from you my real account is xundabrx please take the permaban and unlocked my computers I will pay the monthly fee it was not my bank's fault that Refused it was not me I already have the money on paypal to make the payment again please take my BAN plzzz account xundabrx I appreciate the comprehension


    I will pay the 10 euros please unlock me please I would like to be sub from elobuddy's website

  3. Hi, how are you? I bought the vip for 1 month wanted to know how to use it.
  4. O eu paguei nao conssigo usar nao atualiza o que fazer 

  5. Could u like send me a video tutorial for Failed To Locate...  Cuz i tried custom but my game starts earlier than the elobuddy

  6. merhaba bir sorunum var

  7. i bought 1month but why elobuddy say free user wait can you confirm it?

    1. qq9523687


      你好  EB核心什么时候能更新?

  8. We need you.

  9. can you help me ive got issue i managed to start the elobuddy,it found my league of legends n stuff but when i try going into game it drops 3 error about some Dispencies and MSVC120DLL error...And ive tryed to reinstall the program for 3 times..contact me on email please..the second error says Injection failed! Process ID:4840

  10. Are you hellsing from aqn?

  11. hello Hellsing can you port Bansharp Fakeclicks ?



    I just took ban on lol because of the script and it was just using those of the champions and master mind

  13. Hello I have a stupid question I am poor do not have money have a witcher 3 on pc platform https://www.gog.com/ Do as I the Lord gave this account I got on 1 mesiac EloBuddy I am a member as of 2015 is Mr. Brill understand if Mr. refusal;)

    1. kidter967


      i am a meber as of 2015 too xD and i am poor to :( im so sad

    2. Skully