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  1. Are you hellsing from aqn?

  2. hello Hellsing can you port Bansharp Fakeclicks ?



    I just took ban on lol because of the script and it was just using those of the champions and master mind

  4. Hello I have a stupid question I am poor do not have money have a witcher 3 on pc platform https://www.gog.com/ Do as I the Lord gave this account I got on 1 mesiac EloBuddy I am a member as of 2015 is Mr. Brill understand if Mr. refusal;)

    1. kidter967


      i am a meber as of 2015 too xD and i am poor to :( im so sad

    2. Skully
  5. Hey hellsing , i can rework all my addons without subscribe ? i need test , its custom avaliable for this?

  6. Boa tarde, eu comprei o ellobudy e queria saber qual o risco de ban? posso usar o scrip de skin e os outros sem problema?

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    2. kidter967


      Bronze kkkk man quem usa scripts no bronze xDDD basicamente pela minha maneira de pensar estão desatualizados podes sempre tentar fazer download pelo github :P

    3. blackdevil


      Pra tirar os amiguinhos do bronze =) continuar comprando o hack eu nao jogo lol mais nao passei muita raiva ja kkkk

    4. kidter967


      kkk nao me quer comprar o hack pra mim? XDDD haha


  7. Hellsing retired?



    How do I buy EB per deposit? I do not have a credit card, it would have to be cash or debit card, help me

  9. hey hellsing, i'm just having some trouble with mastermind. i've installed it successfully, it shows the visuals ingame but actually it doesn't show the cooldowns anymore for me. that is, it doesnt show cooldowns for abilities or summoner spells. i've tried reinstalling it, and it still doesnt work. yes, it does show which abilities they put in for example level 1, but after a ability is used the Cooldown isn't  displayed. could it be because of a new patch?

  10. so i got game active 0/2 so that mean i can only play 2 games? is that the limit?

  11. To the people that think that I retired: I did not. Finn just kicked his partner.

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    2. hey101


      Damn that sucks, I loved your Kalista script and other add-ons, they were god.... 

    3. reason1g


      Finndev why actually did he this maybe greedy 

    4. Yuuki
    hi Hellsing  i need ask Who i can  stop anti bot from lol?

    1. thisislife


      i take Debug Window and dont leave me join in game :/


    2. thisislife


      ok ty i find alone that xD

  13. Hi Hellsing, I'm interested in purchasing banner ads here. Could you message me? (as I cannot message you)

    1. Hellsing


      Sounds legit