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  1. To the people that think that I retired: I did not. Finn just kicked his partner.

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    2. TheKingOfWake


      you just got finned xd

    3. amaniberserk420
    4. PSDmum


      we miss you . finn dont have contact to his contributors 

    hi Hellsing  i need ask Who i can  stop anti bot from lol?

    1. thisislife


      i take Debug Window and dont leave me join in game :/


  3. Hi Hellsing, I'm interested in purchasing banner ads here. Could you message me? (as I cannot message you)

  4. Yo man, I have 131k subs on YT and I am willing to help you out to rank one in google search when it comes to scripting platforms. Tell me if you want me to work with you by PMing me here.

    1. Hellsing
    2. vvvorticYT


      You don't think it's legit? I am 20 yo and I have been focusing on website SEO since 2 years already. I have my own 131k YT channel and a 98k followers IG page. I ranked Eloboosting websites to rank one on google before. Well PM me if you're interested or not. It's your choice ;p

      Can also show proof if you want.

      My first try would be by creating a YT channel league related with your scripts, then posting comments on popular youtube videos from reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends section. After that I will give all of the YouTube comments 500 upvotes so they'll be seen by everyone. This way I can redirect them to your website. This will give you a ton of members. Tell me if you want to make a deal or not. 

  5. please
    becouse khaziks have no addon yet and i dont know how to make addon I MADE DESIGN FOR A SCRIPT!
    I know that YOU ARE GOOD CREATOR so i ask you  CAN YOU MAKE THE ADDON ACCORDING TO MY DESIGN? :D  (and would you please write to the addon: designed Matyanson?)
    of course you can alter it a bit!
    here  is my design:


    do jump combo if enemies are more then x units far (400-900), basic-500 (if no do normal combo)
    Jump combo (champions have 1200 minions 1100 and towers 1095 units of vision range)-please do something that the program will know the vision range of min, ch, t...
     R1(if kha is 50 units before enemy vision range)|speed items|(right before he jumps)W|E1|items on E + smite|Q1|(if you killed him)E2|items on E|Q2|E3...
    E1- to enemy with lowest hp(near the cursor) / to enemy nearest the cursor     -it is changeable
    E2- to killeble enemy>to enemy nearest the cursor(or to cursor if no enemy) / closest to spawn / back to previus position  -changeable
    if enemies are killable less than with all spells or items (in E2) you prefer to activate(only):                             (you can active more then 1 item...)
    Q>Smite>Blade of the Ruined King(Bilgewater Cutlass)>Hextech Gunblade>Ravenous Hydra(Tiamat)>W - sort up by dmg(not Q,W)
    jump x units behind enemy:                               (it must be calculated that hydra is allways activated right on top of the champion for biggest dmg, exept when it is <0)
    -200(hydra active radius)         -                        450 (270 basic)
    if you dont kill him after Q1 - do normal combo
    Normal Combo
    R>speed items>AA>dmg items(no Hydra)>Q(aa reset)>W>AA>Hydra>Q2>R2----->
    ------> if is enemy killable (by Q, items, smite) do jump combo

    use Q  (to enemy or unkllable minions)  - yes/no
    use W to enemy                          - yes/no
    use W to minions when hp is <=

    lane/jungle clear

    use Q         - yes/no
    use W         - yes/no
    use E         - yes/no
    use hydra     - yes/no
    use smite     - yes/no


    use Q on unkillable minions  - yes/no


    combo: W (to enemy)|E1|Q|all items(no hydra)|E2(if you kill)|R
    use Q         - yes/no
    use W         - yes/no
    use E         - yes/no
    E- to cursor/ nearest to spawn - changeable
    use R         - yes/no


    use R|W|E1|dmg items|Q|E2 combo
    use Q       - yes/no
    use W       - yes/no
    use E       - yes/no
    E2 - to killable enemy>to enemy nearest the cursor(or to cursor if no enemy) / closest to spawn / back to previus position  -changeable
    use R            - yes/no
    use dmg items    - yes/no

    automatic steal jungle with: (calculate that it will deal dmg at once)
    Q            - yes/no
    smite        - yes/no
    hidra        - yes/no

    Items and smite

    speed items
    use Mercurial Scimitar       - yes/no
    use Righteous Glory          - yes/no
    use Talisman of Ascension    - yes/no
    use Youmuu's Ghostblade      - yes/no

    damage items (items on E)
    use Blade of the Ruined King - yes/no
    use Bilgewater Cutlass       - yes/no
    use Hextech Gunblade         - yes/no
    use Ravenous Hydra           - yes/no
    use Titanic Hydra            - yes/no
    automatic use smite on:
    Baron                   - yes/no
    Dragons                 - yes/no
    blue                    - yes/no
    red                     - yes/no
    others                  - yes/no

    Draw Q range                             - yes/no
    Draw W range                             - yes/no
    Draw E range                             - yes/no
    Draw enemy vision range                  - yes/no
    dont draw if is spell on cooldown        - yes/no
    draw dmg by:                             - yes/no
    Q                                        - yes/no
    W                                        - yes/no
    R                                        - yes/no
    items                                    - yes/no

    please can you add to this script that i am the designer :D TY! ask my if you have some questions, sorry for my horryble english.


    some videos :D




    1. Matyanson
    2. Hellsing


      That's a lot of information :o

    3. turkey


      jesus, he sent this to everyone lol

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  8. I don't care at all, really, I was inactive the past 2 months and this is not going to change soon. You are free to do whatever you want to do here, I was the one who cared the most about other peoples code when it was about promoting people to dev ranks.
  9. And who cares tbh? People in this scene are not really focused on good qualty of code, they want things to work no matter how bad the code really is. Let's say 0.1% of this community wants their addons they add to be of good qualty code wise aswell, and that number would even be too high in my opinion. You come from L# right? Have a look at Sebbys code structure and logic. One thing I learned during the time on EloBuddy is that you have to care less about the quality of other peoples stuff and focus on your own. Once you have access to edit the mentioned things feel free to do it.
  10. Who cares if it returns a value or not? Having it return the freshly created menu is not a bad idea as you can store it for later use, like: var menu = MainManu.AddMenu(); And about "remembering" the names of the created control instances: By looking at this code you can clearly see that upon adding new controls to a menu instance it will return the created control instance aswell: https://github.com/Hellsing/EloBuddy-Addons/blob/master/Karthus/Modes/Combo.cs There is no need to remember any identifier name as long as you store the control instance itself. People just got used to having the string identifier from BoL and L#, so this is why I added this functionality to this menu aswell.
  11. 0%, only visuals.
  12. Script it's not working ...... i have no option and nothing works ....,,,this thing should be free right ? 


    1. silviumuthi


      please help ...


  13. I'm from viet nam. I want to be the sales agent for your party. so please get good response from your side

    1. QuanTriVien


      I understand about doing reseller

  14. Leaguesahrp Shut down foreverr  28 febryaryy !!

    1. todor00


      BanSharp Shut down this is the Best script joduska me :(((((( PLEASE BACK  BanSharp !!!!!!!

      facking riot idiots  remove scripts