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  1. Berb

    [7.1] PortAIO

    PORTAIO IS NOT STOPPING BECAUSE BANSHARP IS. STOP ASKING. Discord : 0zNgmm6ziPDoOfbZ Note for BanSharp developers: If you decide to port your BanSharp script to EloBuddy, message me with the script you're going to port over and I'll kindly remove it from the AIO. Change Logs : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/berbb/PortAIO-v2/master/CHANGELOGS "Best script for champion" : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14vXj3uBtAIM5IUefXI4nVGJJBaf6x5myV2aspfDZ8GU/edit?usp=sharing NOTE : For those that enjoy using ChewyMoon's script you can dl the repo at https://bitbucket.org/burblish/chewymoon-scripts/downloads and install the addons you want locally using EB loader. Installation : Info & FAQ :
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  2. To the people that think that I retired: I did not. Finn just kicked his partner.
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  3. Tony

    Greetings to all new members!

    Welcome to EloBuddy Dear all L# members, First of all, nice to meet you here and welcome you joining us. You can find a lot of wonderful addons provided by the community and well-classified in our addons section. If you face any difficulties when using EloBuddy, feel free to ask in our support section. Also, please make sure you have read through the FAQ thread, it will help you a lot when supports and moderators are not available. If you are developer, feel free to join us. We have a nice and easy to understand API for your developing career. We do not restrict you to only be part of us. You can even code addons for EloBuddy and our competitors at the same time. Last but not least, if you miss your old assembly(ies), you can find it out in PortAIO. Enjoy your stay. Regards,
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  4. finndev

    Patch 7.1 - EloBuddy Maintenance

    Dear Community, Patch 7.1 has been announced for League of Legends. Official info regarding patch 7.1 "On January 11th at 3:00 am PT for NA, 5:00 UK time for EUW, and 3:00 CET for EUNE, servers will go down for maintenance and the 7.1 patch will be applied!" Here's NA version of the Network Operations maintenance announcement: "On 01/11/17, starting at, 01:30 Pacific Time (09:30 UTC), ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 7.1. At 03:00 Pacific time (11:00 UTC), the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours." Update Information Patch 7.1 is a large patch. The EloBuddy update will take slightly longer than usual. Please stay patient. You will be kept updated. --- 1/11/2016 3:25am: EloBuddy has been updated. Best of luck, buddies! EloBuddy Staff
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  5. iJava

    iTwitch 2.0

    Features: Stealth Recall Perfectish E Calcs (@Definitely not ) thanks Auto W after attack Simple and EFFECTIVE MENU BOIS Mana Saving Options for E Detailed Drawings CBA EXPLAINING MORE, most of you know this assembly and know how to use it kappa, enjoy Github MOD PLS MAKE THAT INSTALL LINK ^^ THANKS!
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  6. DarkNite

    [6.24] RandomAIO [BETA]

    Introduction I will start updating this addon only, the single addons mine will get update in this aio, also more champions i will add to this AIO. Champions Supported TOP Riven MID Yasuo (W against AA) ADC Quinn Note I'm working on adding more champions! Any suggestion or if you find any bug/error, please, comment in this thread! Feedback anything please! Download Source (Upvote please ) No vimo
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  7. Kyon

    Kyon Designing Service

    Kyoff Designing Service Designing with @Kyon banner soon Thread designs: Ezreal the troll - thread design for @MeLoSenpai iKalista - Thread design for @iJava Arambuddy - Aram bot for @Definitely not Kappa Staberina - Katarina for @Trees TrooTaric - Taric for trooperhdx Clinkzsharp - Clinkz ODSharp- Outworld Devourer for beminee (E#) Acitvator# - an activator for Je suis Fiora - Fiora for @Trees HIKI-Kindred - Kindred for @Hikigaya HIKI-Kalista - Kalista for @Hikigaya HIKI-Syndra - Syndra for @Hikigaya and a lot more Banners & Signatures etc.: advertisement banners: signatures: special banners: and a lot more too Render (selfmade): flying Katarina kitty rengar Thanks for viewing my designs hopefully I could arouse some interest. Feel free to request anything that could be possible with my nooby skills. I will check this thread regularly, but it can be possible that I'm too busy to work on your personal request. So please stay patient. Thanks. lovely greetings @Kyoff
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  8. evitaerCi

    EvadeIC [Merry Xmas]

    EvadeIC [Merry Xmas] https://github.com/jachicao/EloBuddy Will be available for 1 week. Enjoy.
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  9. Acheiropoiesis

    Review of 1 year which I spent on EloBuddy

    Review of 1 year which I spent on EloBuddy Hey guys, So firstly I will describe the part of EloBuddy I was known from well. 1. Helping others. Read carefully. From my supporting side I would say it was quite tough thing to deal with. Sometimes it was frustrating, sometimes quite funny but it was so time-consuming. Over 20 people were asking for help in the same time not only once via Discord or forum without any information about the case. Sometimes I wasn't able to help a member because of lack of time or it was unfixable without a reason - frustrating side of helping others. Once you read it and you need help in the future write everything needed to solve your problem or read faq's. 2. Administration. That's the part which forced me to leave EB. Sadly. So let's start from activity. The biggest problem of the whole project imo. Let's face the facts. Our administration is dead for a long time. Tony is a new slave to manage the forums and do everything for him. Support section is inactive aswell. On forums and on Discord I could see only Tony, Yuuki, Alessio, Jitko, Me and sometimes Haxory writing anything. And to be honest only Tony and Yuuki cared about general support section. Finn stopped taking care of EloBuddy Core long time ago. A lot of Developers have been asking for fixes and those things haven't been fixed till now I guess. There is one of screens that I took as a proof. Next thing which happened today was totally braindead. The demotion of Hellsing. How does it come that person who got invited to the project kicks its owner because of his decision to release SDK which everyone can see if they decompile it. L e g i t. I was in the staff member only because of that I've got faith that everything will get changed. That Finn will change himself but I was mistaken he is as greedy as he was. Even when I wrote to him about that Mario maybe would come back if he fixed that but I bet he didn't give a fuck like about iCreative. 3. Farewell. I've tried to help as much as I could. Me and @Yuuki have reworked the Community rules. Delivered the whole file to #suggestion channel in our staff server on discord and even when everything was done they are still the same spaghetti. I don't know why everything has gone that wrong. I had faith in new devs who came to EloBuddy because of BanSharp's ending but even they told me that they can't deal with Finn's ignorance. I want to say that I am not leaving EB. I will still contribute somehow but I don't feel anymore like a staff member. Even there we were treated like dogs. Ask Yuuki. I wish EB luck. It will need it for now. + = Current EB situation - Visualization CHECK THIS OUT: http://logge.bplaced.net/finndox/
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  10. Zaloopa

    [6.24+] ZLP Ryze v.

    Features General: Spell Humanizer Q Hit Chance Switch Combos: 1. Damage Combo [SPACEBAR] (Q-E-Q-W-Q-E-Q) Use Q Use W Use E Health Management (Performs Flee Combo if HP is low) 2. Harass Combo [C] (Q-E-Q) Use Q Use E Auto Harass (Q) Mana Management 3. Flee Combo [Z] (Q-E-W-Q) 4. Collision Combo [Executes if script can't perform any of combos above due to collision] In Combo / Harass Mode (Overall it tries to apply E debuff to target and nearby units for multi target empowered Q damage) In Flee Mode (Now if you have 2 passive stacks but there's collision on Q's way it will cast Q anyway to get buff) Lane / Jungle Clear & Last Hit: (Fancy Logics) Use Q Use W Use E Mana Management Misc: Kill Steal (Q, W, E, Ignite) Escape Key (Uses R + Zhonya's to nearest turret) Auto R + Zhonya's if HP is low Anti Gapcloser (W) Auto Tear Stack Drawings: Draw Q Draw W/E Draw R Draw Ignite Damage Indicator On HP Bar -=DOWNLOAD=- ToDo: Auto R, Zhonya's and Seraph's Don't cast spells into Yasuo's Wind Wall Ignite in combo to counter self-healing (i.e. Voli's passive) Skinchanger -=CHANGE LOG=- 26 December 2016 v. - Fixed random Q in flee mode - A little code optimization 20 December 2016 v. - Fixed escape mode 19 December 2016 v. - Improved lane clear - Improved combos (combo, harass, flee) 15 December 2016 v. - Added jungle clear - Added auto R + Zhonya's escape - Don't attack invulnerable targets anymore - Improved combos (combo, harass, flee) - Improved lane clear and last hit - Improved code readability again 02 December 2016 v. - Added auto Tear stacking mode - Changed "Killable" text to damage indicator on HP bar - Added hit chance switch - Improved damage calculations - Improved code readability Credits: @Definitely not Kappa I've learned basics from his tutorials. @Uzumaki Boruto Actually I've learned a lot of stuff reading his scripts. Also I've stole some his ideas for this script. @AIDS Thanks for banner! All guys who was answering my dumb questions in Developing forum section. I really appreciate that!
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  11. Marksman Master BETA RELEASE Small info This addon comes in handy for anyone who wants to have all marksmans plugins in just one addon. Currently every ADC is supported. Marksman Master has inbuild activator for summoner spells and items. Several extensions such as baseult will be added in the near future :') Currently this addon is in early beta phase, if you have found any bugs please report them in this thread. Supported champions Ashe Caitlyn Corki Draven Ezreal Graves Jhin Jinx Kalista Kog'Maw Lucian Miss Fortune Quinn Sivir Tristana Twitch Urgot Varus Vayne Github link : https://github.com/Daeral/Marksman-AIO/ Install link : Install Credits : @intr fag @Definitely not Kappa cutie @Sadlysiusfor banner and big shout-out to ruxuz for being best adc eune P.S. Sorry for this thread design
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  12. rottenentrailz

    [PORT-AIO] Best Ports for each champ.

    [PORT-AIO] Best Ports for each champ. Here is the list i got so far. Please post your opinions and i will update the list. Help us fill in the gaps. Also some of the "OKTW" are not working well and some are. If you find alternatives let us know and i will update list. Aatrox-BrianSharp Ahri-AhriSharp Akali-QuantumAkali Alistar-ElAlistar Amumu-Amumu# Anivia-xSalice Annie-OKTW Ashe-OKTW - Reported not working try "flowers" Aurelion Sol-mySeries Azir-Creator of Elo Bard-DZBard Blitzcrank-KurisuBlitz Brand-TheBrand Braum-OKTW Caitlyn-Marksman II Camille- hCamille Cassiopeia-TheCassiopeia Cho'Gath-Troop'Gath Corki-ElCorki Darius-KurisuDarius Diana-ElDiana Dr. Mundo-Hestia's Mundo Draven-Moon Draven Reported not working try "flowers" Ekko-xSalice Elise-D-Elise Evelynn-Evelynn# Ezreal-xSalice Fiddlesticks-Feedlesticks Fiora-Flowers Fizz -Math Fizz Galio-UnderratedAIO Gangplank-UnderratedAIO Garen-TheGaren Gnar-ReformedAIO Gragas-ReformedAIO Graves-Flowers Hecarim-Herrari 488 GTB Heimerdinger-2Girls1Donger Illaoi-TentacleBabeIllaoi Irelia-Irelia II Ivern-SSIvern Janna-LCSJanna Jarvan IV-D-Jarvan Jax-NoobJaxReloaded Jayce-xSalice Jhin-OKTW Jinx-OKTW Reported not working try "flowers" Kalista-S+ Class Kalista Karma-KarmaXD Karthus-OKTW Kassadin-PainInMyKass Katarina-mySeries Kayle-SephKayle Kennen-Hestia's Kha'Zix-SephKhaZix Kindred-OKTW Reported not working try "flowers" Kled- KledHighMajorCommodore Kog'Maw-OKTW Reported not working try "flowers" LeBlanc-LeBlanc II Lee Sin-El Lee Sin Leona-Koruso's Lissandra- SephLissandra Lucian- ReformedAIO Lulu- LuluLicious Lux-OKTW Malphite- ElEasy Malzahar- SurvivalSeries Malzahar Maokai- UnderratedAIO Master Yi-Hoola Yi Miss Fortune-Flowers Mordekaiser-xQx Morgana-OKTW Nami-ElNamiRevamped Nasus- UnderratedAIO Nautilus-ExorAIO Nidalee-Kurisu Nocturne-xQx Nunu- Nunu by Alqohol Olaf-Olaf is Back II Orianna-OKTW Pantheon-xQx Poppy- UnderratedAIO Quinn-OKTW Rammus-BrianSharp Rek'Sai- HeavenStrike Rek'Sai Renekton-UnderratedAIO Rengar-ElRengar Riven-Nechrito Riven Rumble- UnderratedAIO Ryze-SurvivorSeries not working try any of the others and report back best one. Sejuani- ElSejuani Shaco-UnderratedAIO t Shen-xQx Shyvana- D-Shyvana Singed- ElSinged Sion-Simple Sion Sivir-OKTW Reported not working try "flowers" Skarner- UnderratedAIO Sona-RoyalSongOfSona Soraka-Sophies soraka Swain-OKTW Syndra-Kortatu Tahm Kench-ElTahm Taliyah-stoneweaver Talon-Flowers Taric- SkyLv_Taric Teemo-PandaTeemo Thresh-OKTW Tristana-ElTristana Trundle- ElTrundle Tryndamere-ban# Twisted Fate-Kortatu Twitch-OKTW Reported not working try "flowers" Udyr-let us know Urgot-OKTW Varus-ElVarus Vayne-Vayne Hunter Reborn Veigar-Placebo Vel'Koz- Kortatu's Vi-xQx Viktor- xSalice Vladimir- ElVladimir Volibear- UnderratedAIO Warwick- Warwick II Wukong-xQx Xerath-Kortatu's Xerath Xin Zhao-xQx Yasuo-YasuoPro Yorick- UnderratedAIO Zac- UnderratedAIO Zed-iDZed Ziggs-OKTW Zilean-ElZilean Zyra-D-zyra
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  13. Corki - The Daring bombardier [SBTW] [Prediction Drawings] github: https://github.com/SwipeDan/EloBuddy-Addons
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  14. Berb

    [7.1] PortAIO

    PortAIO will continue after BanSharp's shutdown.
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  15. DownsecAkr

    BlastCone Utility

    Blast Cone Utility GITHUB Q: What is Blast Cone? A: This is the plant that makes you angry Q: How does this addon work? A: Video Q: What is Q and A? A: Q = Question & A = Answer
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  16. wladi0

    [6.23] Wladis Kata (Katarina) [REWORKED]

    Wladis Kata: https://github.com/wladi0/Elobuddy Credits: - Hellsing & gero for the nice Help - Tarakan for design - ImRealBikk & GrimFate for testing If it won't load for you, press WIN + R, type in " %appdata% " and delete the elobuddy folder.
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  17. evitaerCi

    Since BanSharp dies out soon..

    PortAIO detected
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  18. xaxixeo

    xaxiHumanRework(God-like randomized humanizer)

    xaxiHumanRework made by xaxixeo credits: Fluxy, We Are Godz and imsosharp for help in code Features: 5.20 Updated Are you tired of EVERYONE calling you out for scripting? Are you tired of getting banned? Are you tired of addons which could solve your problems but are hard to understand what they're all about? Introducing xaxiHumanRework, the easiest to use humanizer possibly ever created You just enter the minimum number of clicks you want your orbwalker to create and the maximum amount of clicks and BAM, your movement pattern is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to detect. Note: both Attacks (as in attacking the target for the first time) and Movements count towards the clicks per second! FAQ: Q: What is a humanizer? A: A humanizer is a addon that makes you look like you're playing legit in game. EB by default used to click way more than it is humanly possible, this was because riot didn't think to check such things. Q: Why is this not added to EB? A: A humanizer was arleady added in the EB orbwalker, this addon is only for people that are still paranoid about it/people that feel that it doesn't look legit. Q: Is my account secure if I use this? A: Humanizers only bypass the current <assumed> riot detection. They might come with something more advanced in the future. Github: Click mi Signature
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  19. JokerArt

    Community Rules

    Community Rules Read through these guides carefully before you start trading on the forums. General Refrain from any verbal abuse/flame/non-constructive criticism. Do not derail from the original Topic of a thread at any time. Always be respectful towards other members. Multiple accounts are not allowed and will result in a perm ban for both accounts The forum language is English and thus all content has to be in English or specified as foreign: [PL] Dwa Trupy Any illegal, filesharing, cracking, hacking activity is not tolerated on the forums. Do not nominate Staff members or Developers etc. No talking about other similar services of any kind will be allowed. No executables are allowed on the forum, unless approved by a Moderator+ No NSFW/offensive/sexual/racist content is allowed on the forums. Posts about Updates / Releases are forbidden. No exploit or exploit discussion is allowed. If you ask for reputation on the forum, counteractions might follow to balance your count. Posting your own “hotfixes” is not tolerated under any circumstance. The same applies to any other executable file. Threads comparing which scripts are best need to be discussed in terms of features only. Subjective opinions are not welcome, and flaming of devs or their work is not allowed. No Callout threads. Any abusive/offensive behaviour against any user / Staff members will result in a ban. And most important: No asking for Update/Releases. Selling and Trading is prohibited until further notice. Talking about whether Elobuddy will be free or not is only allowed in a civil manner. No refer links of any kind. Addon Development Ports from other LoL cheating platforms are not allowed. The approval of the original author needs to be permanently shown in the first post of the forum thread of the ported script/addon. Work-In-Progress (WIP) threads about addons are not allowed! The addon must be open source available. The addon must be shared as source code, no precompiled assemblies or loading precompiled assemblies allowed! The thread must contain a link to the source of the addon. The addon must not harm the computer of the users, this includes all kind of exploits you may find in our sandbox system. The thread name should only contain the needed info. As of 29/12/2015, the staff reserves the right to change the thread title accordingly. Our staff reserves the right to lock / delete blatantly abandoned Addons. The grace period can reach from a couple of weeks to several months. Behaviour It should be a no-brainer that any offensive behaviour inside the forum is not tolerated. This includes being highly subjective, passive aggressive or other forms of verbal abuse. If you have a problem with a certain Member or Staff Member contact a Community Manager instead of resorting to verbal attacks. Spamming Do not post if you have nothing to contribute. Don’t bump old threads if there is no new discussion value. Spamming is allowed in the Spam section of the Forum. Avatar / Signature No offensive/NSFW/sexual Avatars/Signatures/Pictures are allowed. Signatures above a reasonable size are not tolerated and will be removed. A decent size to work with is 500x150 Px. Buddybox Do not spread any kind of Drama throughout the buddybox. The main languages allowed in the Buddybox are English and German, other languages will lead to warnings/bans. Advertisements are not allowed in any case. The purpose of the Buddybox is smalltalk, keep it that way. Spamming the Buddybox is forbidden. Always respect other members / staff members. No verbal abuse / flame / derailing / saying that certain programs are "better". Punishments for the Buddybox range from 24hours to permanent, depending on your behavior. Asking for any kind of help in Buddybox is forbidden and questions like this will lead into 24 hours suspention from shoutbox. "Clickbaits" are not allowed in any kind. Any kind of threats will lead into permanent suspention from shoutbox even if you wrote it "for fun". Any questions about ETA of Updates are forbidden and will lead into 24 hours suspention from Shoutbox. Penalties The following penalties are handed out: Warning: If the offense is minor and not repeatedly Warning point: If the offender is known or it is a hard infringement of the rules above Temporary suspension: If the content is harming the community, but the offender shows remorse Permanent suspension: If the content is harming the community to an extent which is not reversible If you feel that our Staff didn't respond correctly in your penalty case you may file a complaint to a Community Moderator Thank you for complying with these rules and keeping a positive ambiance in the community, your staff appreciates it.
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  20. Arkadaşlar Türkçe'ye çevrilmesini istediğiniz addon'lar varsa bu konu altında belirtin Türkçe'ye çevirip paylaşayım . Auto Carry Vayne'de ki sorun düzeltildi yeniden kurarak sorunsuz şekilde kullanabilirsiniz. Aka's Vayne Eklendi . Blessed Riven Eklendi. Sur's Series Ryze Eklendi. TekinTeemo Eklendi. ReGaren Eklendi. ReKatarina Eklendi. UnsignedCamille Eklendi. UnsignedRengar Eklendi. UnsignedYasuo Eklendi. AimBot Eklendi. Darius Eklendi. OtomatikCarp Eklendi. RecallTracker(B atan düsmanları gosterir) Eklendi. Marksman Master Eklendi. Aka's Yasuo Eklendi. TheNewYasuo Eklendi. [ HTTF]Riven Eklendi. Aka's Yasuo'daki Sorun düzeltildi.AkaCore Güncellendi. Aka's Vayne ve Auto Carry Vayne'deki AkaCore Güncellendi. LeeSin Master the enemy Eklendi. iCreative Thresh Eklendi. Support mode Eklendi. GuTenTak_Ezreal Eklendi. Jin-XXX Eklendi. EvadePlus Eklendi. Mastermind Eklendi. UBActivator Eklendi. Aka Core Eklendi. BaseUlt-3x Eklendi. LelBlanc Eklendi. Ronin Akali Eklendi. Marksman Master'da Ufak değişiklikler yapıldı. Unsigned Rengar çalışmama sorunu düzeltildi. Unsigned Ryze Eklendi.(Fps kaybı yapan çizimler kaldırıldı.) NOT:Addon'lar arasında sıkıntı yapan yada eksik ceviri yapılanlar olursa geri dönüş yaparsanız, düzeltirim yada yenisini eklerim.
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  21. iHTTFcreator


    made By @AIDS Feel free to post if you find any bugs or want to suggest a feature. GitHuB AUTOINSTALL FOR ELOBUDDY It is taken as a basis for assembly @Fluxy PatchNote (04.07.2016)1.0.0 = release (05.07.2016)1.0.5 = Fixed Animation Clean Line, add dmg indicator,add flee (06.07.2016)1.0.11 = Add W GapCloser,Add Auto R2 stealkill,Fix draw dmg indicator(FPS DROP),Add Dont attack target and R2 to (/* Zilean R */ /* Kayle R */ /* Tryndamere R */),Rework Damage Indicator,Rework E logic (07.07.2016)1.0.17 = add auto W,add autoQSS,add autoIgnite,add shield tab of,fix fps drop in start game,fix damage indicator,fix gapcloser (07.07.2016)1.0.21 = add skin hack , fix menu (08.07.2016)1.0.33 = add auto shield(beta),rework damageindicator(v2),delet skin hack(FPS DROP),Fix fps drop (29.07.2016)1.0.40 = add harras style( 3 type (E,H,Q3,W", "E,H,AA,Q,W", "E,Q,H,AA,Q,AA,W,AA,Q,AA)),add CrazyCombo(does work(sorry i cooming fixed this is),Fixed FPS DROP,Fixed Auto Shield,Fixed GapCloser,Clearn Code,Delet (Text.Draw("Use R in combo?: ")) (02.08.2016)1.0.47 = Add BurstMOde(Flash), clearn code. (06.08.2016)1.0.59 = Add Crazy Combo View Video (The combo: E - R - Q - Hydra- W - Q - R. ) (Best Broken Animation),Add delay for shield,Add LogicMenu,Add Draw FlashBurst,Fix W>AA Fast,Fix FPS DROP (Hopefully forever),Fix last hit(Q),Fix Lane Clearn(Q),Fix Jung Clearn(Q,W,E),Fix AutoQSS,Update Harass style,Update AutoIgnite,Update BurstFlash,Update Humanizer Delay,Update AutoShield,Update Combo,Update Clear Settings (25.09.2016)1.1.3 = REWORK Q-AA (VERY FAST COMBO Q-AA),REWORK LANECLEAN,ADD LOGIC FOR LANECLEAN,FIX SCRIPT,FIX FPS DROP,FIX DMG INFORATION(PATCH 6.17),DELET,CRAZYBURST,DELET FLASHBURST,DELET DRAWBURSTRANGE,DELET MORE CODE,UPDATE COMBO,UPDATE GAPCLOSE,UPDATE W-AA,UPDATE MENU,UPDATE AUTOSHIELD,UPDATE LANECLEAN,and etc(auto qss,auto ignite,...) (27.09.2016) = ADD BESTLOGIC(boxbox) FOR R2 (BETA),ADD Use Yommy,ADD ComboLogic(NEW,BETA) (Normal and Fast(Broken Animation)),UPDATE,Logic Wawe Clean(Q) and lastHit(q),UPDATE LOGIC Shield,UPDATE Logic Ignate,UPDATE Harass style,UPDATE R2,FIX R2,FIX FPSDROP,FIX DMGINDICATOR,FIX bad animation(Q),FIX W>AA,And Clean Code. (01.10.2016)1.2.1 = REWORK Q>AA(VERY CRAZY),UPDATE COMBO(VERY FAST KILL),FIX FPS DROP,SKIN HACK,Clean code,and etc (05.10.2016)6.20.1 =REWORK AUTOSHIELD,FIX ERROR(That idea created by FPS drop),MINI UPDATE R2 LOGIC,FIX E-W(DONT TARGET),CLEAN CODE (05.10.2016)6.20.2 = MINI UPDATE COMBO LOGIC,ADD BROKEN ANIMATION W>R1 W>R2,ADD BROKEN ANIMATION Q>HYDRA>,ADD BROKEN ANIMATION Q>R2,ADD BROKEN ANIMATION W>Q (02.11.2016)6.21.2 = rework addon, more new function, Burst, anti fps drop,more combo,broken animation and etc. (08.11.2016)6.21.17 = Update Combo,Update ItemLogic,Fix W>AA,Fix The fact that after the W he did not continue the combo,Fix Yoummy cast,Fix Broken Animation,Fix code.,Delet AutoShield. (12.11.2016)6.22.11 =FIX Q>AA,UPDATE Q>AA SYSTEM,ADD MENU ANIMATION,Update Combo,Fix Hydra Tiamat (It works Now ( Q1 Q2>Hydra or TIAMAT or W),New Use R1 and R2 ( E>R1 , W>R1 , HYDRA OR TIAMAT R1 And R2),Clean Code (16.11.2016)6.22.66 = Fix Always W>AA,minimal update Q,update logic hydra tiamat,new menu(Combo Logic)(soon all cancel animation),ADD WALL JUMP(FLEE KEY) ,Update all code,Update Youmu,Fix Range W,Clean code (18.11.2016)6.22.78 = Update combo logic(Now the combo starts with an E(if it is not on cooldown) Combo E>R1(IsReady)>Hydra>W>Youmy>Q>AA>Q>AA>Q>R2>AA,Update,Combo Logic menu(animation cancel),Update Jump,Update Burst(not test) (Did not have time to check. if all the same it will be bad will rework),New DPS COMBO( next update),Fix range cast youmu,Now when you do pentakill use CTRL+6:joduscry:,delet auto keep alive,Add keep alive in misc setting,Update logic hydra and tiamat(for new combo logic R2>Hydra tiamat and etc),update draw jump (25.11.2016)6.23 = Combo rework,new combo E>Hydra>W>Q>AA>Q>AA,new logic for Q ,Let's say if we can kill a target with Q>AA>Q>Q,If it's for murder you need,more damage, you will use Q>AA>Q>AA>Q>AA,Delet burst,It is possible to return it.,ADD Back move in combo,In combo, Q>MOVE>AA>QQ>MOVE>AA (Fast),clean code. Use talents Like It
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  22. kiipzr


    6.24 BOTTING AFTER PORTAIO DISABLE Im posting a new guide since PORTAIO disable his autoplay for being too buggy First you will need ezbot or hesa bot created by @Hesa You will need to set up your account on hesa bot (guide will be available on hesa site) After you will need to install Moon Walk Evade created by @ DanThePman Then you will need to instal ARAMDetFull created by @Hesa and @Ouija Thanks for following my guide i will update it when it becomes outdated. Also since im selling out myself check my twisted fate video (thanks)
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  23. Yuuki

    Info for Developers

    First of all, I welcome you to this community and hope you will provide us with some great addons! There are some rules and information I'd like to tell you. Addons can be paid once you reach the rank "Addon Developer". Remember that when you make a quality script you can ask to make it Buddy-Only, however you need to have at least the rank "Developer". You can port addons from other platforms - if you own them already OR have the permission of the original owner. Using other peoples code (from elobuddy) is allowed when you give credits and have the permission to do so. If you plan to make an AIO assembly: *All promotions are discussed with current developers & done by @Tony, but please remember that nominating staff members for any rank is not allowed via our Community Rules. *Thanks to @Rethought for fixing thread design.
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  24. Rethought

    The problem with selecting your target

    Nope, this is not a rant about code-design. Neither about the functionality of our targetselector. It has to do with that but not that much. Often developers select their target and predict something like this: target = TS.GetTarget(someRange, ...); spell.GetPrediction(target); ... Now, where is the problem? Quite obvious, yet kinda tricky. This works fine for targeted spells. As you can really only cast them when the enemy is IN RANGE OF THE SPELL. (An exception being Katarina, which can do this even without due to daggers) However, this is NOT TRUE FOR SKILLSHOTS and ALL SPELLS NOT BEING TARGETED. So, the mistake a lot of devs do is that they simply ignore units running towards them or inside spell range and in theory can be hit by simply predicting their position and then casting, even though they are currently not in spell range. Now this topic was one of the most discussed I had over at LS, due to the fact that some people believe that it might make skillshots miss more often. Which is TRUE but has nothing to do with targetselection!! That is another problem but that has to do with analyzing the probabability of a skillshot hitting the target.
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  25. Kyon


    6 Points
  26. goldfinsh

    [ 7.1 ]TwistedFate Beeeetaaaaa

    [ 7.1 ]TwistedFate Beeeetaaaaa TwistedFate Beta ( TwistedFate Buddy base ) This addon is very similar to an TwistedFate Buddy. What is the difference? 0. Support Item ( Bilgewater, Blade of the Ruined King, Youmuus, Hextech Gunblade, Quicksilver, Scimitar, Zhonyas) 1. calculates the buff damage (Sheen, Ice Gauntlet, TriniForce, Lich Bane) 3. Auto Q - More check enemy status ( Stun, Snare, Knock up, Suppression, Charm, Recall) 4. some difference pick card logic 5. can go jungle position - first mini monster kill ※ I don't test this addon in game. cus Roit took my account. Anyone, please test this add-on and give feedback to me GitHub
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  27. Rethought

    The code-design of spells

    The code-design of spells Hello. For everyone not knowing me yet, I am the guy that always has to improve code design. I will introduce myself in another topic though. Now to the problem. EloBuddys system of handling spells is to have one superclass called SpellBase. It is an abstract class and can't be instantiated without derivation. This is already good but is flawed. Things that are not supposed to be in SpellBase: Small things that not really have a big impact first: DamageType, not every spell is damaging. Therefore that should not be there. The .Cast(...) functions. Not every spell can be cast on a vector or target. Some are selfcasted. Things that have impact: GetTarget(). Not every spell can have a target. GetHealthPrediction() GetSpellDamage() You may ask yourself now, why are this bad things? Simple example: Because we have the .Cast() (without parameters) method you can asume that a targeted spell can be casted without a target. Therefore we have to write this in Ranged : Spell.SpellBase public override bool Cast() { throw new SpellCastException("Can't cast ranged spell without target!"); } That should not be the case. Stuff like this can be prevented through using the interface segregation principle described in SOLID. I could continue with giving examples and such, but I don't want to waste too much time doing this and instead give you an example of a better prototype like implementation which has some benefits. I spent approx 5 minutes for this, so it might not be perfect but should show my points pretty clearly. public abstract class Spell { public Spell(float range) { this.Range = range; } public float Range { get; set; } } public class LinearSkillshot : Spell { public LinearSkillshot(float range, float width, float speed) : base(range) { this.Width = width; this.Speed = speed; } public float Width { get; set; } public float Speed { get; set; } } public class TargetetSpell : Spell { public float Speed { get; set; } public TargetetSpell(float range, float speed) : base(range) { this.Speed = speed; } } public class MyLinearSkillshotPrediction { public PredictionOutput GetPrediction(LinearSkillshot linearSkillshot) { // Some custom prediction logic using members from "LinearSkillshot" such as speed and with, but also range from "Spell" return new PredictionOutput(Vector3.Zero); } } public class PredictionOutput { public PredictionOutput(Vector3 castPosition) { this.CastPosition = castPosition; } public Vector3 CastPosition { get; set; } } Simple example without much members. Now how I would use this? private static void Main(string[] args) { // does not work because "Spell" is an abstract class and can't be instantiated unless derived var spell = new Spell(); var linearSkillshot = new LinearSkillshot(500f, 200f, 100f); var targetetSpell = new TargetetSpell(500f, 100f); // A prediction that is supposed to only predict linear skillshots var prediction = new MyLinearSkillshotPrediction(); // this will work var predictionOutput = prediction.GetPrediction(linearSkillshot); // this will not work var predictionOutput2 = prediction.GetPrediction(targetetSpell); // the current way of doing it var skillshot = new EloBuddy.SDK.Spell.Skillshot(SpellSlot.Q, 500, SkillShotType.Linear, 0); var predictionOutput3 = skillshot.GetPrediction(null); } The benefits of this: Taking away dependencies. That means: We could easily write custom predictions for just that one spelltype. We want a prediction for CircularSpells? No problem, we can do that. We want a prediction for RengarsQ ability with is a circle combined with an arc? No problem, we can just write ourselves the spell class and the prediction. That also means because not every spell has every Cast method now, targeted spells can only have .Cast(target), self-targeted only .Cast() and position based .Cast(position). And that takes away the dependency of a TargetSelector or a Prediction inside Spell. Because because previously you could do spell.GetTarget(). You can't do that anymore. You should do TargetSelector.GetTarget() instead to not violate code designs. As you can see you only get benefits. Without saying too much I will leave you with this now. I hope I made my points clear and if you got further questions feel free to ask. If you have no idea what you are reading, that is not a problem. Perhaps you don't know so much about inheritance, interfaces, abstract classes and such.
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  28. Guides might help you to avoid getting banned Hi guys, I use Elobuddy since it starts its service, and for me, I got banned for about 5 - 6 accounts. And here's something I noticed, and want to share to all of you guys to avoid to chance of getting banned. Obvious Scripting As you can see, a lot of scripters was banned because of using SUPER obvious scripts, for example, dodging all the skill shots and most likely a super fast combo or insane speed of kiting using champions like Vayne/Cas/Ryze. These are the champions which can be easily identified as you are scripting or not. And they can be separated into different categories. Inhuman reaction time of dodging skill shots ( Evade scripts ) PS. Try to play without evade. Insane combo speed ( Cas/Kat/Ryze etc. ) Super Fast kiting and using skill shots at the same time ( Vayne/Jinx/Kalista ) Using these kinds of scripts might not get you instant ban, but your account might only survive for a week. But maybe you have heard of these kinds of guide that teach you how to avoid getting banned, so today I'm going to talk about something else a little different. APM ( Action Per Minute ) Recently, I have been using a program called OVERWOLF, just in case that you guys don't know what it is, It is a program that can record your typing and capture your gameplay and collects data to show how fast you press your keys. It also records your APM. Which means how many clicks you have pressed in a minute. For this it is so important to identify that the persons' speed is fast or not. For example, Starcraft 2 Pro Player, his APM reached about 400+ The King of APM: Losira/KangHo First Person Video But I'll show you this, This is a game I played with ZED using KoreanAIO, which is pretty insane that I reached 450+ APM which is even faster than the Starcraft Pro player But you can see from the video that the Pros is already clicking the keyboard like playing piano, and he just reached 400 something APM. It is very obvious that normal players can't do an action fast like this which means KEY SPAM. Later on, I used another script of Moony LeeSin. And I got this, A much lower APM isn't it? I have an account survived serval banwaves and I'm just using this Leesin script. That's why I think APM is a kind of detection by Riot to see whether the player is scripting or not. I have used humanizer, but it didn't work well. The scripts will perform like shit and you'll be like an idiot in game. The Best Way to Avoid Ban: ( For now in my opinion ) Download Overwolf Open a custom game with your script you are going to use to test it Play with the script for around 15 minutes End the game and check the result in Overwolf If the APM comes out is about 200- 275, maybe you can use it safely But for over 400, I suggest you stop the script if you afraid of being banned But the judge is with you guys as this is my experience that after so many accounts were banned and I really hope this can help reducing ban rate of Elobuddy. See whether I can have newer info about the APM and might update this post frequently. THANKS FOR READING and HAPPY SCRIPTING!
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  29. 6 Points
  30. While I do appreciate the praise, I am no longer working for anything on EloBuddy until Finndev decides to message me. I don't want to be paid for my work, but I refuse to work for anyone that won't even communicate. If Finn decides to have a conversation with me than I will continue to develop. My Evade addon has been completed and all of my Unsigned Addons have been updated. Along with this I have finished addons for: Kha, Jax, Fiora, Olaf, and Sion. None are on my GitHub and won't be for what had happened to IC.
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  31. Melanie Martinez


    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  32. Celebrating the DEATH of BanSharp|61 CHAMPS|54 SKINS|۞[NA] 7th Giveaway Account۞ Rare Giveaway on a special occasion I will giveaway ONE of many magnificent accounts I attained to celebrate BanSharp shut down! Last Play: 1/14/2015 Champs#: 61 Skins#: 54 Rare Skins: DemonBlade Tryndamere Pulsefire Ezreal Corporate Mundo Viscero Xin Zhao Mistletoe Leblanc Unchained Alistar Spectacular Sivir Recon Teemo Queen Ashe Almost-Prom King Amumu Mr. Mundoverse Vindicator Vayne Bewitching Nidalee Ragdoll Poppy Lollipoppy Vandal Gragas Striker Ezreal RULES HAVE BEEN ADJUSTED! 1. Pick a number from 1-1000 2. The number will be selected through RANDOM.ORG 3. Deadline in TUESDAY THE 24th 4. If deadline met and nobody picked the winning #. The post with the closest # will win. GOOD LUCK!
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  33. goldfinsh

    Nebula Skin Reborn :) (Update

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ Fix ] Some champion skin Devil Teemo trap [ Fix ] player polymorph status - Lulu W [ Lulu polymorph model ] Pix and enemy polymorph model changes to the same as the Lulu skin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Features Multi Language (Skin name) English, 한국어, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Indonesia, Russian, Turkish Champion and Chromas skin Model skin Annie Tibbers / Bard Follower / Elise Spider, Elise Spiderling / Gangplank Barrel / Gnar Big / Heimer / Illaoi Minion Jhin Trap / Jinx Mine / Kalista Altar, Kalista Spawn / Kindred Wolf / Kled Mount, Kled Rider / KogMawDead Motion Maokai Sproutling / Quinn Valor / RekSai Tunnel / Shaco Box / Shyvana Ult / Swain Beam, Swain NoBird, Swain Raven Teemo Mushroom / Thresh Lantern / Zac Rebirth Bloblet / Zed Shadow Anivia Egg, Anivia Ice Wall / Azir Soldier, Azir Sun Disc, Azir Tower Clicker, Azir Ult / Caitlyn Trap / Cassiopeia Death motion Corki Bomb, Corki Bomb Ally / Fizz Bait, Fizz Shark / Monkey King Flying / Nasus Ult / Nidalee Cougar, Nidalee Spear / Syndra Taliyah Wall Chunk / Yorick Big Ghoul, Yorick Ghoul Melee, Yorick [ W ] Ghoul / Zyra Grasping Plant, Zyra Passive, Zyra Seed, Zyra Thorn Plant Ivern Minion, Ivern Totem / Jarvan Standard, Jarvan Wall / Malzahar Voidling / Olaf Axe / Orianna Ball / Rammus Shen Spirit / Skarner Passive Crystal / Taric Gem / Trundle Ice Wall Udyr Phoenix, Udyr Phoenix Ult, Udyr Tiger, Udyr Tiger Ult, Udyr Turtle, Udyr Turtle Ult, Udyr Ult / Lulu Pix Ward skin ( Total 67 ) if you need new ward, can be change at any time. Ward preview system Minions skin [ Summoner's Rift ] Classic, Pool Party, Project, Skier, Draven, Star Guardian Minions [ Howling Abyss / Twisted Treeline ] Classic, Skier, Draven, Star Guardian Minions Don't worry about update new champion skin Allway auto check and add list. No Fps drop / Simple / Easy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to use? ※You can see ward change lag(delay) in GIF file. But don't worry. It just Recording lag cus my system is too old Skin Ward ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Working Error 1. Remove Nebula Skin 2. Go C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\EloBuddy\MenuSaveData\ 3. All remove Nebula Skin file 4. Install Addon Install Error Install msbuild 2015 Addon borken or can not fix error Send PM to me or write comment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Like this Addon = Upvote Click = You'll find a girlfriend Thx test, Definitely not klappa, stefsot, Hellsing, coman3 Enjoy GitHub / Install If you like this addon, please donate. Make me happy.
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  34. Ezreal - The Prodigal Explorer [SBTW] [Prediction Drawings] (It's using R alongside with other spells in combo mode, I haven't found a workaround on GetSpellDamage returning wrong values yet, but I will add a manual ult key soon, sorry) github: https://github.com/SwipeDan/EloBuddy-Addons
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  35. fkingnoobgg

    WORKING ezBot

    WORKING ezBot Until/If hesa fixes his bot here is a working version: Hesa "But i am nicely asking you to take down my fixed version" ;(
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  36. Definitely not Kappa


    if you find any bugs in-game please report them here what was updated during downtime: Reworked networking - used for build files etc Added Inhibitor defending logic for Ranged champions Added logic to detect afk players Updated teamfight logic - now do team fight more often Updated build files to patch 7.1 Updated levelset files to patch 7.1 Updated some spell values in the spelldatabase Fixed alot of minor issues Reduced lags/ fps drops a lot Removed the option to select a build service - now uses only one as global Fixed alot of channeling spells canceling Fixed issue with champion that has zombie form champions from diving turrets Now the bot knows when to dive smarter
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  37. Lofex

    Darkid and belca nudes

    Darkid and belca nudes Got some nudes on @Darkid and @belca. Feel free to check them out https://gyazo.com/bea2418ec1c580ff40c0a431210e2bd0 upvote for @Definitely not Kappa , @TheKingOfWake and @Chaosnudes
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  38. PSDmum

    How To PS #1

    How To PS #1 #1 Hay guys How are you ? Yah i know am not best and good but i will teach you what i know in this post i will show some tips witch will help you learn good PS what we need first? 1.download PS CC/CS 12 2.you need good pc witch i dont have 3.imagination power and if you dont have it you can copy styles and things 4.when you will start work , close doors ,curtain on window open you best music playlist and we start . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.when i don't knowed nothing i started with logo creating but i relaised its was hard cuz i don"t had imagination in dat time . i got sed but i saw best done psd files . watched there works and relasied i can do good thinks like tham . and dont put hands down you can with me . why? cuz dum mei didi ^_^ 2.you need sites for work in PS without this sites you cant move on vector designs for imagination Grafic designs for Imagination Modern designs for imagination LVL1-50 PS tips LVL 50-200 PS Tips OLD style PS New style PS Best File Uploader Web and SIG style Texture Site 1 Texture Site 2 father site Best plugin site Best brush site Font site 1 Font site 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.creat folder .. why? new you start any work creat for it new folder cuz you need cleanliness . adn you will finde files ez 2.creat new tab always name any work anyanother thing !! 3. chose options 4.always rename you lane in what you see . 5. awyas make groups same this witch you will copy 2x GTRL+ G (creat group) 6.save . first always sae with psd file always !!!!!! than if you work is transpirate save with png and if with backgroupd save with png ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dat is all for today if you like this topic and you need more tumb up for me ^_^ and if you do anything after this post pls post it in comment . i will think i helped someone ^_^ @NentoR fo you dear !!
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  39. Ouija

    How to create your first Addon

    ====================================================== How to make your First Addon/Script! ====================================================== Hello there, today i will "teach" you on how to make your very first Addon on EloBuddy. What tools do you need for that? Visual Studio (i use the 2015 Community version) ReSharper (it will help you to code but it's not a must have) Lets get right into it. #1 Decide which champion you want to use, today i will use a simple champion to show you how easy it is. Galio. #2 Create a new project (ConsoleApplication), call it how you want, for example: Galio Template, that will be the name of your Addon which will show up on the Loader. #3 After everything loaded up, you need to add the Dlls of EloBuddy. you can add them via: Right side -> References -> right click -> add References now you need to find all those Dlls, you can find them in your elobuddy folder, mine is: C:\Program Files (x86)\EloBuddy\System you can select all and then you need to tick those which you need, For basics you just need these: (SharpDX, EloBuddy and EloBuddy.SDK) #4 if we got everything set up, it will look like this, (just Program.cs) You'll need to add some things, just follow this Picture: Now you're ready to go! #5 First, we create the Core in our Addon, which will load our whole things. FAQ: Q: Why did you make this Guide? A: I had time and.. i had time... Q: Will you add more of those stuff? A: I will add all stuff you want. (Check ToDo) Q: My addon isnt working! A: Make sure nothing is Red Marked, check my GitHub for the Result, everything is uploaded there as "Galio Template" and you can use it as an Solution. A: maybe you want to check your Logs. Q: I dont understand this Code A: Try to read it and understand what it does. Q: My Menu isnt showing up? A: Clear Appdata / Check the FAQ in Support Section.
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  40. evitaerCi

    Evade by Weee

    40 eur is the answer.
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  41. Chaos

    Chaos and finndev

    I am "refusing" to release my addons because I have put work into them and will receive nothing out. This is not a matter of money. I am not after any form of monetary gain (it would be nice, but that is not why I am here). The lack of appreciation between users in this community is honestly disgusting. I put roughly 100 hours of programming into my Yasuo addon yet all I receive are comments posting about why x doesn't work how they want it to. The occasional comments I do get that are positive are from personal friends or other developers that appreciate the work I have done. This was the main reason I had left 8 months ago and was glad to come back to a community that had somewhat come back together. After a month or two of programming for EB again I released that the Administration has fallen apart. None of the administration are bad people in my opinion, and I am glad I choose to write code for EB. The falling apart is just the administrators disagreeing with each other and causing internal conflicts. I will not discuss this as it is not my area to discuss. This brings, however, bring up the matter of me and Finn. I do not agree with Finndev's business choices. and neither do many of the other developers. Lucky for me, I am not here for how this program grows in users or declines in users. I am here to expand my knowledge of programming. Creating addons for champions is really the same thing over and over. Once you figure your way around the SDK you get to a point where you could make an AIO for all champions. Then I started to develop my Evade addon. Evade addons are not terribly hard to make. Especially with many classes (Polygon class) already many for you. Creating this Evade addon did bring a spark back to programming for me and this is not something I want to be ruined by releasing the addon and receiving nothing in return. I am not sure if releasing it at all is the path I want to be taking. Releasing it free will just result in more comments asking why x doesn't work. Releasing it as a buddy addon will result in the same type of comments and more complaints on the forum. This is a decision I will make when I think the time is right. During development, I noticed that several things in the SDK were quite annoying to work with and not user-friendly for new developers. This is when I contacted finn for access to change the SDK. After two weeks of no responses via Discord or EB, I realized why users call him Ignoredev. He simply doesn't reply commonly. I understand that he is/could be busy, however, he still messaged on Discord and posted on EB. Everyone has quirks and this is one of Finn's. Finn finally contacted me again and gave me SDK access. I plan on working on it as it will provide programming challenges for me to figure out (it has been requested to make a new menu, orbwalker and prediction method). I am not a great programmer. I am completely self-taught. I am currently going for a degree in Computer Science but have yet to take a course related to programming. I am glad to be apart of the EB and will likely still program for EB. My addons will continue to be updated, but I may not release many (if any) more. TLDR: I like programming. EB lets me program. Champions addons don't let me push myself. Working on SDK does. Finn refused to communicate. I'm still here and enjoy beign here.
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  42. Ouija


    seriously? i'm trying my best to make aramdetfull good and then people like you come just to make such shitty comments? could you actually fucking not? aramdetfull is the only free botting product elobuddy got at the moment, if you dont want to use it, simply dont. Dont be an idiot and make such dumb comments, seriously... you're getting on my nerves.
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  43. Yuu

    [Giveaway #1] 1 MONTH BUDDY

    [Giveaway #1] 1 MONTH BUDDY Hello eb community My first giveaway; (and will continue) 1 Month Buddy -How you join?- Leave a comment . (The moderator will picked from comment number) Good luck. - Ends at December 30 - Thanks for the join Wait for Giveaway 2 THE WINNER IS : Xeardon
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  44. rottenentrailz

    BPR Low level UNvalidated NA Accounts

    BPR Low level Validated NA Accounts Here are a few if you need more PM me. Don't forget to up-vote if you found these useful.
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  45. Sadlysius

    Vayne una porquería

    No respetas el trabajo de gente que esta en esta comunidad de manera gratuita, te quejas destructivamente y mas encima te pones a insultar. Te ganaste un ascenso a: Baneado de por vida, "virgen".
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  46. Kryoonzz

    [7.1] PortAIO

    Good Working List 6.24 att: Riven - Hoola Riven or Nechrito Riven Cait - Master Headshot Blitz - BlitzcrankDK Ahri - xSalice Lee Sin - Wrecking Ball [Bubba Kush] Kha'Zix - [6.24] SurvivorSeries|KhaZix Akali - [SC]Quantum Akal Camile - hCamille or Camille# Katarina - mySeries - Katarina or ElKatarinaDecentralized Fizz - Math Fizz Fiora - ProjectFiora or Flowers' Fiora LeBlanc - Leblanc II or LCS LeBlanc Kled - High Major Commodore Kled Fiddlesticks - Feedlestick - CC Kitty or AIOCaster Aurelion - mySeries - AurelionSol or Aurelion Sol As the Star Forge Evelynn - OneKeyToWin OKTW or [SDK]TroopAIO Illaoi - Illaoi - The Kraken Priestess or Flowers' Series Annie - mySeries - Annie or OneKeyToWin OKTW Kassadin - Preserved Kassadin Irelia - SurvivorSeries|Irelia or Rethought Irelia or SurvivorSeries AIO Jarvan - AIOCaster Jax - SkyLv Jax or [SDK]ExorAIO Master yi - Challenger Yi Nidalee - Flowers' Nidalee Nocturne - [SDK]ExorAIO Pantheon - Pantheon Poppy - FreshBooster Rengar - ElRengarDecentralized or Hoola Rengar Shaco - AIOCaster Taliyah - Hinata's Taliyah or Toph# Talon - Flowers' Talon or HeavenStrikeTalon Teemo - OneKeyToWin OKTW Tristana - Tristana -Hawk mode Tryndamere - [SDK]ExorAIO Twitch - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Flowers' ADC Series Vi - AIOCaster XinZhao - XinZhao or AIOCaster Yasuo - Flowers' Yasuo or BadaoYasuo Zed - xSalice or AIOCaster Aatrox - AIOCaster Darius - Flowers' Darius Diana - ElDianaRevamped DrMundo - [SDK]ExorAIO Ekko - OneKeyToWin OKTW or xSalice Resurrected Rework Elise - Sense Elise Gangplank - e.Motion Gangplank or BadaoGangplank Garen - TroopGaren Gnar - hGnar Gragas - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Reformed AIO Hecarim - Darwinn's Hecarim or Hecarim - The Shadow Approache Ivern - SurvivorSeries|Ivern Jayce - OneKeyToWin OKTW or xSalice Resurrected Rework Kayle - KillaryClintonKayle Kindred - Flowers' ADC Series or OneKeyToWin OKTW Malphite - AIOCaster or SethMalphite Maokai - AIOCaster or JustMaokai Mordekaiser - AIOCaster Nasus - Lord's Nasus Nautilus - [SDK]ExorAIO Nunu - [SDK]ExorAIO Olaf - Olaf is Back II Quinn - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Flowers' ADC Series Rammus - AIOCaster or Rammus is Ok or Brian Sharp Rek'sai - AIOCaster or D-Reksai Renekton - [SDK]ExorAIO Rumble - SvivorSeries|Rumble or xSalice Resurrected Rework Ryze - SurvivorSeries AIO Sejuani - AIOCaster or Underrated Champions AIO Shen - BadaoShen Shyvana - Synx Auto Carry (SAC) or HeavenStrikeShyvana Singed - AIOCaster or ElSinged Sion - AIOCaster or Underrated Champions AIO Skarner - AIOCaster or SneakySkarner Taric - SkyLv Taric Thresh - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Dark Star Thresh Trundle - DZAIO: Reborn or FastTrundle Udyr - [SDK]ExorAIO or AIOCaster Urgot - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Flowers' ADC Series Volibear - AIOCaster or NoobVolibear or StonedVolibear Reloaded Warwick - Warwick ll Wukong - Wukong or AIOCaster Yorick - AIOCaster Zac - AIOCaster Alistar - FreshBooster or SkyAlistar Amumu - [SDK]ExorAIO Anivia - OneKeyToWin OKTW or xSalice Resurrected Rework Ashe - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Flowers' ADC Series Azir - xSalice Resurrected Rework Bard - xBard Brand - Brand burn it down or OneKeyToWin OKTW Braum - OneKeyToWin OKTW or FreshBooster Cassiopeia - DevCassio v2 or [New] Eat My Cass Cho'Gath - xSalice Resurrected Rework or AIOCaster or Troop'Gath Corki - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Flowers' ADC Series Draven - Flowers' ADC Series or OneKeyToWin OKTW Ezreal - HandicapEzreal or OneKeyToWin OKTW Galio - AIOCaster or Galio# Heimerdinger - AIOCaster or The Donger Janna - LCS Janna Jhin - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Flowers' ADC Series Jinx - Jinx# Kalista - Flowers' ADC Series Karma - KARMAXD Karthus - Flowers' Karthus Kennen - WR-GoFuckYourself Kennen Kog'Maw - Flowers' ADC Series or OneKeyToWin OKTW Leona - Kuroko's Leona Lissandra - xSalice Resurrected Rework Lucian - OneKeyToWin OKTW or Flowers' ADC Series Lulu - LuluLicious Lux - CheerleaderLux Malzahar - SurvivorSeries|Malzahar or SurvivorSeries AIO ( = ) Miss Fortune - Flowers' ADC Series Morgana - Flowers' Series or OneKeyToWin OKTW Nami - ElNamiDecentralized Orianna - OneKeyToWin OKTW or xSalice Resurrected Rework Sivir - Flowers' ADC Series or OneKeyToWin OKTW Sona - Sona or CjShuSona Soraka - Soraka_HealBot Swain - OneKeyToWin OKTW or The Slutty Swain Syndra - Syndra Revamped Tahm Kench - ElTahmKench Twisted Fate - OneKeyToWin OKTW or TangoFater Varus - ElVarusReworked or OneKeyToWin OKTW Vayne - Lord's Vayne Veigar - DZAIO: Reborn Vel'Koz - OneKeyToWin OKTW or AIOCaster Viktor - my Series - Viktor or [2Ham Viktor] King Lazer Vladimir - xSalice Resurrected Rework or Vladimir - The Rivers Will Run Xerath - Lord's Xerath Ziggs - AIOCaster or Ziggs# Zilean - AIOCaster or BlackZilean Zyra - xSalice Resurrected Rework or [SDK] RAREZyra Graves - BadaoGraves
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  47. Berb

    [7.1] PortAIO

    Update - OKTW Prediction & SPrediction - Corrected waypoints and made it faster at calculating pathways and cast positions. With the latest updates on PortAIO, the predictions are slowly becoming closer to the quality of the original predictions on L-Sharp. The new update to both predictions corrected a huge API misusage where the prediction would cast at the target location instead of actually predicting the movements and predicting where the target would be. Note : Auto-play is coming back hopefully in a better release state than before. --- I believe PortAIO is in a decent state right now. Prediction has improved. Rarely anymore Orbwalker hiccups. Reduced crashes by removing/fixing the things that caused them. The absolute cherry-on-top would be to re-add and fix the AutoPlay.
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  48. Yuuki

    Giveaway - Grid™ - Free Steam Game!

    Grid™ For Free! Just Click the picture and redeem steam key: Thread will auto-close once the giveaway has ended. Enjoy.
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  49. Hellsing

    Beginners Guide

    Hello there new friend! So, you decided to use EloBuddy, which is a great choice by the way, but everything looks so complex and you can't figure it out on your own? Well then, here is a guide for you from the download to the first use of EloBuddy. I will categorize this thread as good as possible so you can start from where you think you are stuck. Let's go! Downloading Just locate one of the download buttons on the front page, currently there is one at the top and one below the announcements section. If you still can't find it then feel free to download it from here: Click to download Installing As every installer you have used before, just follow every step listed on the installer until it successfully completed. If you are stuck or there is an error while installing please open a new forum thread in the help section with as much details as possible about the error, if possible with a screenshot of the error. Starting EloBuddy Simply double click the shortcut on your desktop after the installation or navigate to your install folder and double click "EloBuddy.Loader.exe" to start it. A new window will pop up to check for the latest updates of EloBuddy and download them right away if it found any. Once that is done you will see a new window where you can enter your username and password. Please enter your EloBuddy username and password, not your League of Legends auth info! The window should look like this: After clicking on LOG IN you will see the main window of EloBuddy for the first time. On the front page you can see the news, mostly about updates of EloBuddy. Installing your first addon Below your avatar on the left in the loader you can see two buttons, one that looks like a newspaper and the other one looks like a cube. Hovering them with your mouse will display where each button leads to. Click on the cube icon to switch to the installed addons tab. On there you will see mostly white for now, because you don't have any addons installed. The three colored buttons are very important to manage your addons: To install a new addon click on INSTALL ADDON. A new window should pop up where you can choose between installing from a local source or a remote source. Because you don't have any local addons yet, and probably never will, you just click on the empty field in the "Remote Addon" row. In there go GitHub links, where sources of addons are hosted. Every addon you will find here is hosted on GitHub. You can now either manually search through the addons subforum, or for easier finding of addons you can use our addon database, which is hosted on a different site. The link to the database is right next to the download links on the front page. If you can't find that aswell, please click on the link in this text to be redirected to the database. To manually install an addon you simply need a GitHub repository URL, like mine: https://github.com/Hellsing/MasterMind Now all you need to do is copy that link and paste it into the "Remote Addon" text field in the loader and hit Install. The loader will now search for all available addons on this repository. Once that's done it will display them. You can then choose which one of them you want to install. For the ease of this guide you should install MasterMind from my repository, because I will use that further on for my explainations. And there you have it, your first addon installed: To enable this addon simply click on the left check box to tick it. To disable it just untick the checkbox again. Starting a game with EloBuddy To start a game with EloBuddy, it needs to detect your League of Legends folder. By default this should be no problem and already found once you started EloBuddy. If it did not find your League folder then you need to start League of Legends first and then open EloBuddy. Just open a custom match with or without bots so that EloBuddy can search for the correct installation. Now your update bar in your loader should look like this: If the text is still red for you or shows something complete different please make a new thread in the help section to get your problem fixed. It does not matter how you start EloBuddy after it found the correct League location, from that time it will know where it is. To ensure that the EloBuddy loader can correctly inject into the game please make sure that you have it open before the game starts. You can just start the LoL loader and EloBuddy at the same time, since our loader is inactive in the background and only looks for the Leage of Legends task to inject into. Once the champion select screen is done and the game starts you will notice a green text named "EloBuddy" on the loading screen. That way you can tell that EloBuddy injected successfully into your game. Managing EloBuddy ingame Now that the loading screen is passed you will find yourself ingame, like normal, but this time your client is enhanced with new features that will assist your future gameplay. There are a few hotkeys you need to know in order to correctly handle EloBuddy: SHIFT: This will open the addon configuration menu F5: Reload all addons you have ticked in your loader F6: Unload all currently injected addons F8: Recompile and reload, you will most likely not need this as it's for developers Now press shift to see the menu. In there you can make some changes to the current features, but it's advised to not change anything if you don't know what you are doing. Using the Orbwalker This last step will give you a brief knowledge of how to use the Orbwalker. The Orbwalker itself has some keybinds aswell, you can find them in the shift menu by navigating to "Orbwalker". I will not name keys now as you will most likely change them to your own liking. By pressing any of the keys you see for the Orbwalker it will make your champion follow your mouse as if you would right click. Depending on the "mode" you are currently pressing, it will execute things. If you have champion specific addons installed it might even execute a combo for you, but you can read about that in the champion addon thread and in the ingame menu entry for the champion addon. Let's say you press the "Combo" key, this will make your champ ignore minions and only focus on enemy champions and towers/nexus. The other modes are pretty self explanatory, "LaneClear" clears the minions from the lane, "LastHit" will only go for perfect last hits, and so on... Thank you! Thank you for reading this guide! There is no TL;DR version of learning how to use EloBuddy, sadly. You can however just try to get everything managed on your own but please, if you have issues, read the guides first before asking for help! Regards, Hellsing
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    Community Rules

    Reworked BuddyBox Rules Do not spread any kind of Drama throughout the BuddyBox. The main languages allowed in the BuddyBox are English and German, other languages will lead to warnings/bans. Advertisements are not allowed in any case. The purpose of the BuddyBox is smalltalk, keep it that way. Spamming the BuddyBox is forbidden. Always respect other members / staff members. No verbal abuse / flame / derailing / saying that certain programs are "better". Punishments for the BuddyBox range from 24hours to permanent, depending on your behavior. Asking for any kind of help in BuddyBox is forbidden and questions like this will lead into 24 hours suspention from shoutbox. "Clickbaits" are not allowed in any kind. Any kind of threats will lead into permanent suspention from shoutbox even if you wrote it "for fun". Any questions about ETA of Updates are forbidden and will lead into 24 hours suspention from BuddyBox.
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