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  2. Prefers to use R + E combo instead of R + Q even with the R + E settings edited, only when you disable E use in combo it will then use R + Q combo instead
  3. Be Nice, Buddy! First of all, I want to welcome You in this community, and I hope You will provide us with not a Copy-Pasted script of someone's else hard-work Secondly, "I've told to you devs, that you can make paid addons." < @finndev's words. - Yes you can post paid addons in our forum, however you need at least "ADDON DEVELOPER" rank. Please remember that when You make a quality script you can ask to make it Buddy-Only. Last thought - you can Port-addons from different platforms your own and other developers as well but You need to have their approval and give credits, don't be a leech. If you are planning on making All-In-One addon (Aio). Please read this to avoid punishment. *All promotions are discussed with current developers & done by @Tony, but please remember that nominating staff members for any rank is not allowed via our Community Rules.
  4. Try them and find out? did you check the settings for ult in those ports?
  5. any katarina's E making me run into the blue side base
  7. It "injects" itself into another .exe thats a "virus". cuse one program infects another program. Cheat engine used to be virus too (it is in hard mode too but shh [when it attaches]) Some antiviruses will trigger to prevent that action.
  8. gerekli dosyalar kuruldu hatta allfix programı var forumda onuda indirip denedim yok yani yönetici olarakta çalıştırdıgım halde olmuor team viewerden gelebilirsen daha iyi olur
  9. Gerekli yazılımlar doğru olarak kurulduysa Antivirüsünüz ve güvenlik duvarınız kapalıysa Yönetici olarak çalıştırıyorsanız Çalışmama gibi ihtimali bulunmamakta bu 3 adımdan birisinde yanlış yapıyor olabilirsiniz. Gerekli yazılımlardan bir tanesi eksik kurulmuş olabilir, kurulum tamamlanmamış olabilir vs.
  10. antivirus yok guvenlikte duvarı kapalı
  11. Antivirüsünüzü/güvenlik duvarınızı kapattınız mı?
  12. Moon Draven and OKTW doesn't use R other better??
  13. Hi, im trying to play xerath but my god the predictions are horible. is there any prediction scripts that could increase my skillshot hit%
  14. Because EB inject into process or the encrytion type that act like virus.
  15. hesabot paid now right ???
  16. Today
  17. If u want u can start ur own project
  18. büyük bir sorunum var arkadaşlar cümleten selamun aleyküm elobuddy kurdum gerekli programları da indirdim oyuna giriorum elobuddy yeşil yazısı cıkmıyor ve oyunda shifte basıorum menu cıkmıyor kac kere sildim tekrar yükledim ne yaptımsa olmadı lütfen yardımcı olun nolur
  19. Not the same thing.... And i find that some of the ones on the list are NOT the best. But don't come to the thread then.
  20. Virus Detection So I already know what you came here to write.. False Positive. That's great but what type of false positive? Why does it get triggered, is it recognized as a trojan?
  21. i using portAIo and i have to use borderless, but in borderless i cant use mouse to move down the camera and because of that e have to use screen locked (y) , how can i move down camera without screen locked? and another question, how can i use instantly R for ashe and jinx without aim??
  22. What blitzcrank? did you try them all? this is not helpfull. Just tried them all and they all work for me besides SS
  23. Evelynn - The Widowmaker [SBTW] [Pred Drawings] [Jungle/Lane Clear] Install:
  24. Blitzcrank isnt working
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