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    • I will give that a try and see what happens, thank you
    • BanSharp is a popular program that facilitates gameplay and automatiseret process flow accounts. In its lawsuit, the us company claims that tens of thousands of monthly players pay money to the creators of Chita with the aim of gaining an advantage over honest gamers. In this part user gets the enhanced subscription service that allows you to put on the flow of the charging accounts to the maximum level with the subsequent sale on the black market. Says Riot Games, the actions of cheaters suffers monthly audience of the game in the amount of 67 million people. LoL the developers tried to resolve the issue in the pretrial order, however, the Players refused to go on contact. As stated in the lawsuit, the rights to cheat the program owns a legal entity from Peru. This could complicate and delay the trial, consider in Riot Games. The situation with scripts for League of Legends escalated in March 2016, when a member of the Korean community posted on inven, the Korean equivalent of social-news site reddit — information about the meeting of the authors of the cheats with the employees of Riot Games Seoul in 2014. According to the user, then the representatives of the company promised not to sue the script developers, but also told the crowd that standing players to climb to the top of the ladder will not prevent even the scripters.
      According to the materials of the eSports portal CyberSport.ru
    • I found something. Open cmd and write  ping IP -t Server IP's (im not sure about the correctness) NA – EUW – EUNE – OCE – LAN –
    • For 193 you need to install / repair this:  MS Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86   You need to read it.    
    • Its not Volibot Forum, Its EloBuddy forum.